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    I love my sanity that's why I am Single so many if & buts its not even funny

    congratulation and be blessed !
    Wo Tou Pani K Qatry Hain Jo Aankhon Se Beh Jaaty Hain.
    Ansu Tou Woh Hoty Hain Jo Dard Ban K Aankhon Mein Hi Reh Jaaty


    • Bobby1
      Bobby1 commented
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      Chaos, unpredictability, intensity of emotions, fighting, loving, anger, highs, lows etc are what makes life so beautiful.

    • Greek Goddess
      Greek Goddess commented
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      You are right from where you see all the experiences in life shapes the person you are today

      but I prefer less drama in life once you live on your own trust me it will be difficult for you to choose any company other than animals lol I love my dog more than people

    • Eliminator
      Eliminator commented
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      Greek Goddess dear I did live on my own for years, completely and fully self sufficient from being an amazing cook to all domestic skills to financial success, travelling etc, now I slave from 6 am to 11 pm providing and nurturing and emotional roller coaster n all and believe me if someone gave me all the riches and fame and parties and fun of single life I would not take it.

      However I do concede that females are emotionally stronger and less dependent on a relationship and many here are choosing to stay single as there is a dearth of quality males.