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Chemical Peel

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    Chemical Peel

    Anyone tell me exactly what this entails and how effective it is?

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      'Chemical Peel' is actually a very vague term as there are s many different types out at the moment. They vary in strength depending on the chemicals used, the duration of the course etc etc.

      Some are only available through a dermatologist, they're the ones that take off the most layers of your skin and leave you looking like a burns victim for a week or so. More suitable for deeper lines and scarring.

      And then you have creams that contain AHA's, saliylic and glycolic acid which technically are also chemical peels albeit very gentle ones. These are more for leaving your skin smoother but not generally suitable for sensitive skins.


        I get Glycolics done every fortnight. Pretty effective but a bit costly.
        One session is around $55 plus home care for the after care products which involve the cleanser, sunscreen and the actual cream which if I buy in a pack is around $200, lasts around 3 months.

        There are several aval in market depending on what you are after
        Glycolics usually help pores and congestion
        There are others like Green peel and stuff which help scarring and god knows what what


          Re: Chemical Peel

          plz can anyone tell the names of some products available in pakistan for chemical peeling.