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Is it possible to de-mature?

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    Is it possible to de-mature?

    Can you go backwards in maturity?

    UnLearn how to control your temper? Unlearn how to be patient, take a step back and review the situation?

    Become totally indecisive about everything?

    Take a long time to process basic thoughts and ideas about where you want to go in life?

    Do you think its possible?

    Open Debate

    Do this experiment.

    Click on edit
    Put the cursor at the end of your post
    Press Backspace and recite the Four Provinces of Pakistan and their provincial capitals

    If you don't see anything, then you can go back in time.


      Yes. It may take some deliberate effort in the beginning until you get used to it.


        oh i definitely think so. I've met some people that just seem to get stupider and stupider over time.

        I think becoming mature is a conscious effort as well as something that happens with age, and more importantly learning from one's experiences.

        Though I've known so many people my age and older who's lack of maturity simply amazes me!?

        I think in general women tend to be more mature socially for sure. They are far better at interacting with people and relationships.

        Men seem to just seem to be more I guess practical when it comes to work stuff.


          It's possible.


            I don't think life is a one way street. Rather, it's a continuous interplay of changing factors.

            Of course, with time, many of us achieve maturity and learn patience. But we all live real lives with real stresses and strains and sometimes a stressful situation is enough to tip the balance in favour of what is seen as immaturity by others.

            We live with other people who have needs, make demands and make judgements about us. We live with our responsibiities and illnesses and personal sense of achievement and failure. We live in situations we cannot change but must learn to accept and make the best of. The older we get the more realistic we are forced to be and often lose optimism and hope.

            So I don't think it's too incredible that all of us occasionally, or some of us more often, show signs of immaturity or a mental age below what we would expect of that certain person.

            It's not so incredible that people behave that way occasionally - the miracle is that so many of us, in one way or another, cope! We manage to find ways to remain mentally healthy and support each other, to remain optimistic and balanced. Wow!


              thanks to all those that gave a serious insight and sensible replies.

              In general it seems that people can sort of go backwards in maturity for a short period of time, but what about something thats more long-term?

              Almost completely switching off in terms of good interaction, interrelationship, you know being really poor at it, even though previously you were so good that you were everyone's pride and joy.

              And secondly, what if you go backwards and then go forwards again, is it possible to go forwards 'stronger' (if thats the right word) second time round?


                eemo, are you talking about dementia? about a nervous breakdown? about depression? I can't understand if what you are talking about is an early symptom of one of these things.
                All of these are treatable problems, and the sooner they are diagnosed the better and faster the cure.

                If you're not sure it is better for the person to get a diagnosis from a psychologist.


                  I guess what im trying to decipher is, if something like a nervous breakdown or depression can be a cause of this so-called 'de-maturing' process.

                  And remember we are not talking about any kind of memory loss.


                    Originally posted by eemo:
                    I guess what im trying to decipher is, if something like a nervous breakdown or depression can be a cause of this so-called 'de-maturing' process.

                    And remember we are not talking about any kind of memory loss.
                    yes, I think so but you probably need a professional diagnosis. A professional will know what questions to ask and will be able to guide the person on the road to recovery.

                    Obviously support and understanding from those around the person will help.


                      i wouldnt say its serious enough to require professional help to be honest, but at the same time its something that shouldn't be ignored

                      thanks for your help though