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diabetes.. need helpp of u guppies

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    diabetes.. need helpp of u guppies

    my ami was diagosned with diabetes and i need info on it.. obviously im doin research on my own but i would liek u guppies to give me any lil tid bits of info and totkas and everything lil bit of info that u have.. my dada ann dadi have it and my dada passed away in 92 n my dadi lives in pakistan and i kinda dont kno how to go about it.. and i want as mmuch info on it as possible and if u know anything .. share plz..
    im very scared.. cuz i love my mother dearly and im married and i cant really do much and thats jus gettin to me..

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    sorry to hear that yaar
    Bestest of luck to your mom and InshaAllah she ll be fine

    I can give you some advice,
    Keep your mom on a strict diet.
    My mom was diagnosed the same, and she was on the dieted (still is)
    no sugar in tea, no sweets no fat food etc. As long as you keep her on a good diet , consult a doc first on the diet, she ll get better InshaAllah.
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      Follow your doctor's advice on f ood, drugs and exercise...prevention is really really important.

      some good links from the US government nih health info sites...


        Diabetes Two Types
        Insulin Dependant (needs regular injections)

        Non Insulin Dependant (dietary control only)

        Problems Associated with Diabetes:

        1) Hypertension

        2) Paraesthesia (loss of senation to injuiry so they have to be more careful)

        3) Kindey and Eye problems ..they need regular eye and kidney checkups
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          Sorry to hear about your mom, may Allah make things easy for her, Ameen.

          Just remember that people with diabetes lead pretty normal lives, with a few simple precautions they need to keep up with.

          Also try the webmd site.

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            consult a dietist via the doc. She can give u enough info...better than on the net
            Why so serious ... ?



              Really Bad News

              My MOM is Diabetic for more than 15 yrs now

              DIET is offcourse the master key in diabetese... BUT.... If She can take Long WALKS... that will help Her alot...
              Belive me.. its something Very useful ...... It keeps the sugar Level constant.

              Secondly... I would Recomend the consultaion of More than one Doctors.... BCOZ.... We had a very bad Experince from Doctors... All has their own Theries .. and... Only few of them Know how to treat a disease....

              The Medicine.... Doctor Recomends...... Take Second and third Advise on it....
              U know... When My MOM was First Dignosed as Diabetic... Doctor gave her.... DIAMICRON Tablets... and.. she used to take it for Sugar Control.... after few yers.. many doctors said that it was a WRONG Decision..... For Sugar Patients.. They should not be Treated From START with Such Strong tablets..
              Start should be taken from LOW DOASGE and... Then later if needed can be Increased....

              BUT wat can I say..... DIFF Doctors had Diff Opinion The Party that Suffer is.... PATIENT

              NOw a days.. My MOM is on INSULINE injection..... She take Tow Injections daily... Its realy hard ...

              Normal "ROTI" available in market is Full of SUGAR... So.. If she can Eat.... CORN FLOUR that would Help...

              APPLE.... Guvava (Amrod) is good for it.. bcoz.. have less sugar in it..

              Can take BROWN BREAD from market... its also good...

              Offcourse.. NO SUGAR IN TEA and.. Sweet Stuff to eat...

              MAY ALLAH BLESS US ALL



                ahhh well My mother in law was diagonsed with diabetes for more than 16 years and she was Mashallaha very carefull about her diet and health but still ended up Insulins injections few months back we get to know that my hubby is diabetic too , docs says you can live a long and healthy life with it if you are not careless about exercise and diet .
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                  I was diaganosed with diabetes type2 a few years ago. I control it with diet and medication. The key is to keep your sugar within acceptable levels. This can be done by checking your sugar levels on a daily basis and also getting the doctor to do a test every three months where your average sugar level for the past two months is available. That is a very good indicator as to how you have been cotnrolling the sugar levels.

                  There is no reason why she should not lead a healthy and long life, provided she keeps the sugar levels under control and takes regular exercise.


                    check the following sites:





                    Hope it helps.