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The expectation of an enagegemnt solitaire

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    Don't know about why such importance is given to material things, but do know that the society in pk sometimes really sux!
    My husband gave me his cute ring, its a simple gold ring, I love it really very much, but I think that at first some people looked at the value of the ring, its pity, such a thing doesnt have a value for me, its the feeling attached to it, the love and care it reminds me of when I look at it, for me in such sense its priceless. I wonder why some people still look for price values in things which are not meant to be.


      My view is that money is better spent elsewhere. However, people have a right to spend it on whatever they want, as they will be responsible for their choice.

      I dont wear jewelry at all, so I would tell my hubby to never buy me jewelry if he can help it.
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        I may just be a bit crazy, but if a man spent two months salary on a ring for me, it would make me extremely nervous! I mean, if he wastes that kind of money on a piece of jewelry, it would make me think "is he wasteful? Is he boastful? Is he going to put me in the poor house because of these spending habits?" I do not find any of these qualities favorable for marriage.

        Like I said, maybe that is just me. Once I become engaged, of course a ring would be nice. But how about something that reflects more the nature of our relationship? Something more original would be nice.

        My friend's brother was recently engaged to a very picky young lady. He should have bought her a mood ring



          Who wants that for an engagement ring ?


            Exciting, ooh *and* it might just divert the unwanted attention away from my oversized self.


              This whole solitaire business is so western. Who cares abt jewelry and solitaires? Honestly, any girl, or most girls I know, like to wear jewelry etc and would be happy abt the ring but it wouldn't be the everlasting thing. What would be everlasting is sincerity and devotion to the relationship.


                Well, I say if a girl starts to specify color, cut clarity etc, a smart man should RUN! An engagement ring isnt necessary but its a gift of promise, nothing more. Whether its tin or gold, diamond or not shouldnt matter one whit. A girl who wants the big rock to show off is superficial. Anyway, isnt that kind of money best spent elsewhere? Like on a nice place to live or things the couple will need or want or maybe even the type of honeymoon whose memories will become the fondest of memories of a lifetime? Its not like the ring will appreciate in value, its a poor investment as resale value is really bad. If a big rock is what you're both into, thats fine but I just fail to see the fun in it.