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How you define 'Rizq'?

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    How you define 'Rizq'?

    Is it what you own? your net take home incom? or only what you actualy spend on eating, wearing or living. Does it include the incom of ur spouse? ur kids? ur heritence?

    Let me give an anology, say if I give 30% of my incom to my parents, 30% to my spouse, 15% to my kids, 10% to myself, 5% to Sadqa, khairat n remaining add to my personal savings.

    So what percentage you can say is my actual 'Rizq'

    I have heard there are some Ahadith of how to 'Kushada your Rizq'. Like the one to marry another time or have more babies. as they all will come with their own 'Rizq' chanelled by you.

    So if my parents provided me with the house, car, n other necessaties, my spouse also shares her wealth with me, my kids also give some percentage of their saleries to me.

    that increses my Rizq? right!

    so what about the ppl always say on any detah key 'us ka dana panni khatam ho gya tha es dunya pey'

    So what about some patients who cant eat, wear or live good. Do they have run short of Rizq? even they have multiple industries in their ownership?

    So how can u define it?
    Zindagi key safar mein guzzar jatey hein ju muqaam
    wo phir nahien aatey! wo phir nahien aatey!