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US Warns About Fake Drugs Imported From India via Canada

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    US Warns About Fake Drugs Imported From India via Canada

    Most recently the FDA has learned countries like India deceive consumers by shipping their pharmaceuticals to Canadian warehouses, where the drugs are then shipped to Americans as "Canadian".

    Not All Drugs from Canada are Canadian: FDA Launches Warning Campaign
    9 News, 06 Feb 04

    WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration says drug manufacturers from countries like India, and the Philippines are capitalizing on Canada's good name. Foreign pharmaceutical companies simply rent warehouses in Canada to store and ship poor quality drugs that Americans often buy via the Internet, for much lower prices than at their local pharmacy. The problem is, some of the drugs are counterfeit, others have been rendered useless by improper temperature control in storage and shipping.

    Pharmacists in the U.S. have long insisted there are dangers in side stepping the protections built into the American prescription drug system. Besides missing out on the scrutiny that can catch possible drug interactions, patients who order foreign drugs may also get poor quality preparations. But many consumers wrote off those claims, suspecting that the underlying motivation may be shoring up profits for American Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies.

    But FDA spokesman Tom McGuinnis says, "Prescription drugs that enter the country through Canada or other foreign countries via the internet are not regulated or subject to federal safety requirements. The drugs might be expired, improperly handled, unapproved or even worse, counterfeit." ....