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    Could someone describe the differences between sit ups, stomach curls and crunches? I have heard people refer to different things with the same or different names that now I am totally confused.

    Pictures speak a 1000 words.

    This is what I have heard/learned:

    Sit-ups are the ones you do where you go all the way up to the knees.

    Crunches differ in that you only elevate yourself slightly, and then go back down. No need to head for the knees. Often times, with crunches you hold your arms criss-crossed in the front, instead of the back, but its not necessarily so.

    Stomach curls - I have no idea what this refers to.
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      Sit Ups


      A stomach curl is simply just the action of "curling" your stomach while doing a situp. It helps to place a fitness ball under your lower back while doing it.
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        umm does someone have to hold your feet for sit ups?
        and for a nalaik like me you will have to explain what a fitness ball is?


          hmcq, fret explained it..i see you asked him here's the answers:

          no, you don't need a person to hold your feet for the sit ups..but its just a picture where the trainer is teaching the person or might be correcting the person his sit ups.

          secondly, fitness ball..i thought..instead of explaining..let me show you the picture:


          hope that helps


            Anyone use any web sites to track their progress or get new excercise routines?


              Go to:

              The website clearly illustrates the different ab excercises
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                Anyone here run on a regular basis? use the gym machines?
                how much do you run per and how often. Also what gym machines do you find most useful? what intensity and what weights etc? I have tried out a lot of machines and find some great and others totally useless or uninteresting but I would like to see what others do?


                  depends on what u wanna do...

                  i used to jog but realised it wasnt doing much for me... going on about half an hour walks about 4-5 times a week does quite a bit... also u could try doing sit ups/crunches daily...

                  another thing ive just started doing is those leg curls.. u know when u lay flat on a gym bench... and then lift ur legs up so they are 90 degrees to ur butt... they are really good


                    Well generally heres my work out routine :

                    1 mile running - 0.25 miles walking 0.5 miles running and .25 miles walking and then the final .5 miles running - takes about 30 mins (I am still getting my stamina going )

                    Then it tends to be a mix of the various machines, primarily focused on thigh muscles and upper arms and probably about 20 - 30 situps. And then some weights - Another 30 mins.

                    For now the goal is to keep the routine going everyday and grow the running part, probably to about 5 miles. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to compete at a marathon someday - not to win, but just to complete the distance.

                    Anyone do any specific warmups for running? I do a few streches or generally just fast walk for about quarter mile but I find it to be too little.


                      sheesh ur really fit... i dont walk/run that much... i used to jog for 20 minutes... and wlel now i walk for bout half an hour.. and about 10-15 minutes other exerices...

                      i think u may be a male.. im a female.. im a weakling.. im only trying to tone up not go into marathons..


                        well dont worry I only started picking up my excercise routine two weeks back. The previous four weeks were spent on the excercise bike for 30 mins, otherwise I could barely breathe after 5 mins of walking! So embarrasing when you are walking with talk people who take quick steps .

                        Not fit either... but just have a lot of free time these days and excercising keeps me relaxed. The marathon has always been a dream for me and I have a few friends who are gonna run the chicago marathon this year so good thing to keep me motivated.

                        Quick fact: If I could run five miles daily then I can make it to Pakistan in about 3.7 yrs Same time it would take a space shuttle to go from here to mars!


                          PS: I always thot you were a guy since you put up all the male excercises and the questions about guys excercising!


                            You should really try buying Fitness magazine they are awesome with illustrations and workout plans taht work..
                            They also have tips and stuff that really mkae workingout easier..
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                              Hmcq, did you ever consider doing some aerobics? They have some excellent classes out there like Body Pump (aerobics using weights), Boot Camp (intense aerobic workout), Body Attack to more lighter stuff like Pilates (more for toning). You should consider them too as they are good for losing weight and toning.
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