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    I just want to discuss the issue about giving your kid to father or in laws forever ...i mean if some one got divorce and are forced to give kid to in laws many of you (girls) would do it ? Razi khushi yaa majbori meiN that is another topic !

    I know it is hard for a mom but what if she cant take the responsbility alone , what if OTHERS think that she as a singel mom would have a hard life in future that right thing to do or what ???
    "He will provide for you a light wherein you will walk, and will grant you forgiveness. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."
    (Surah Al-Hadid)

    I don't know I'm not a woman and don't have any kids either...

    ...but if I was I'd probbably give the kids to the other half as long as I was sure they would be well looked after, cared for and got all the love they need because sadly in our society its hard enough for a divorcee female to get married again let alone with kids n all.


      Until you try something you don't know. If you spend your life worrying what others think. and youmake decisions based on what others think is right instead of also considering what you think is right, you wouldn't be happy I think, though it's easy to say not to think about other people..

      Personally, I wouldn't do it. No matter how many toys and nice clothes kids get, nothing is as important as the mothers love. As long as they wouldn't be starving of course.


        When my mother left Pakistan, they all suggested that she leave one of her children there, except for her mother in law who advised her to take her son with her. However my mom never dreamed of leaving the kids with anyone else.

        My father has worked away mostly and so my mom pretty much raised us all. By no means has it been easy, but to this day she doesnt regret leaving one of her sons with her in-laws, and I am sure glad she didnt make that choice, as neither would I. Allah forbid such a situation as you mention.
        "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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