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    Kids Menu

    I have two kids. 6 and 7 yrs old.

    I have hard time pleasing them with yummy food - partly because I am not a good cook and partly because I just don't know what to prepare each time that will be different and still nutritious.

    Please tell me what do you prepare for your kids?

    Like after school - snack - what would you give them?
    Same for breakfast, lunch, dinner?

    My kids - they both like different foods such as:

    Daughter likes:
    1) Macaroni with cheese
    2) Pastas without cheese and sauce
    3) Mashed Potatoes
    4) Fries
    6) Rice
    7) Cereal
    8) Gum!! ( I NEVER purchase it but she still has a packet with her from friends and older cousins - I just need to go and shout out at them! )

    1) Nan / Roti
    2) Rice
    3) Cereal
    4) pasta without sauce
    5) Chicken / nuggets / any
    6) Fries
    7) Chocolates (I am bad - I love chocolates equally and WE share ).
    8) Fruits
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    Re: Kids Menu

    take aways
    I'm quite illiterate, but I read a lot.


      Re: Kids Menu

      First of all tell me what you eat and why they do not like to eat what you eat ?
      My advice depends on your answer.
      Fools never disagree.


        Re: Kids Menu

        I make regular salan with rice / roti... they do not eat any type of salan - be it vegetables, meat, fish, chicken etc.

        They would just eat plain rice / roti. I do not even make the food spicy so they can eat but they don't.

        I make chicken taco's, bean burritos, sandwich with cucumber, mayo, tomato, lettuce - they will not eat any of these.

        Pasta should be plain - without sauce, chicken, meat balls... etc.

        Last night's menu: I made shrimp biryani with green peas, mashed potatoes, and salad. It was really good, hubby approved! yet both my kids did not eat it.

        My daughter just tasted the biryani after picking out the shrimp and peas. She did not like it. Then she only ate the mashed potatoe... and my son ate bread (which was not even served - but he went and got it by himself from the kitchen).:halo:
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          Re: Kids Menu

          aww i can totally relate to you.. my 9 and 11 yr olds are somewhat like this...

          lil one wont eat any salan... but i recently i hav been asking him what kind of foods they want to eat and ill make them... they happen to love tortillas cose i let them make their own with the toppings they like.. i have cooked qeema in the fridg and they just cut up some salad and warm the qeema and add cheese and sour creme.. hav u tried home made pizza with pita.. it comes out pretty nice just in the microwve.. add any toppings and cheese .. its quick and easy... maybe if you let them prepare the food they are going to eat,, they 'd want to eat it more... they also like halal weiners /hotdogs for a snack..


            Re: Kids Menu

            oh ye pizza is a hit! - always

            Personally, I do not like the flavor of hotdogs that come in the halal packets... so I never gave it to my kids either.

            For after school snack today - I am preparing plain noodles (boring but they will eat it), apple, and juice.

            Will have to think about dinner...soon


              Re: Kids Menu

              For my thanks giving dinner i had made a pot ful of mash potatoes.. little did i know.. even the kids were hesitant to eat that.. and older ppl except a few thought it was a waste of their appetite to eat aloo hehe.. so lastnight i cut up some onions and peppers mixed the mashed potaotes with some shredded cheese and made cutlets.. fried them with egg and bread crumbs.. we r such desis .. oh maybe ur kids would like a cutlet or kabab sandwitch..


                Re: Kids Menu

                yep my nephew (age 7) only eats chicken nugget, plain cheese and tomato pizza, burgers (no salad), noodles plain and fish fingers. He wont even touch any vegetable, only potoato fries with ketchup. To school he takes pack lunch cheese sandwich and an apple and a yogurt.

                Funny thing is his parents got adviced by the doctor not to worry, just give him what he wants , he will grow out of it.


                  Originally posted by nadeemnirvana View Post
                  Funny thing is his parents got adviced by the doctor not to worry, just give him what he wants , he will grow out of it.
                  lol - that's what my kids dr. said too. He said my kids weight is in the average range for kids their age.

         our friendly doctor told my kids that your mom will not cook much for you from now on - because your weight is good and you don't need to eat much. Their eye popped out - shocking... and later told me how hungry they were - lol!!!!!


                    Re: Kids Menu

                    ^^^ hehehe this is so funny,,, reverse psychology.. i think it does work...


                      Re: Kids Menu

                      yes it's true! -lol


                        Re: Kids Menu

                        so do kids naturally become picky at a certain age or is it a learned behaviour from when they were younger?
                        The grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.


                          Re: Kids Menu

                          One of my friend has 5 kids and she told me that kids usually eat A LOT when their body requires it - it's a natural phenomena. She said she noticed that her kids who would eat a lot sometimes would stop eating as much certain times... and those were the phase when kids were growing steadily - instead of growing taller everyday... sort of maintaining instead of gaining...


                            How about introducing mini bun kababs?

                            Mini quiches

                            Potato pockets

                            Pita-bread pizza's

                            Individual chicken pot pie's (just stew and puff pastry)

                            sheperds pie

                            fish fingers
                            ..all you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust!


                              wat about fish pie, which has fish at the bottom and mash and cheese at the top (so all they can see is cheese and mash).
                              trust me it tastes nice
                              watcha looking at?