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Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

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    Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

    SO....I am taking a break for a few moments...I just finished peeling 4 pounds of baby white onions. Gearing up for the big feast, 40 people over for traditional american thanksgiving dinner with ALLLLLLLLL the trimmings. We got all the furniture cleared out of living room and put in 3 long tables and I'm just trying to figure out what I can do ahead of time....keep me in prayers that it goes nicely! Some of our guests havent really eaten much american food so it will be very different for them.

    ok break over, back to work mama!

    Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

    Wow sounds awesome. It must be challenging cooking for 40 people. Wow. Maybe add 1 or 2 dishes that's non-american for the guests who are having traditional turkey dinner for 1st time. Wow My mouth is watering. What are some of the dishes you are making?


      Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

      ooohh and i thought my 12 ppl were bit too many..


        Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

        i dont even feel like cooking for just one person (myself) and mama's taking on 40!


          Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

          lol!! yes its quite the undertaking!! but the boyz are SOOOO excited about it! Heres the menu
          Turkey with pan gravy
          mashed potatoes
          mashed turnips
          onions in cream sauce
          broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce
          green bean casserole
          sweet potato casserole
          jellied cranberry sauce
          crescent rolls
          celery stuffed with cheddar cheese

          desserts - pumpkin pie, choc cake, cookie trays, tea, coffee

          i think thats it. we decided to keep it traditional american and not have desi dishes because they'd swarm over the desi foods and ignore the american...fingers crossed!

          ok back to work again


            Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

            wow sounds delish. how do you do mashed turnips?


              Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

              nice menu...

              any chance for pics./


                Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                wow sounds great mama! How do you make your stuffing?
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                  Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                  Yeah Id love to see pics
                  Id also like the stuffing recipe. A guyanese friend of mne, she just gave me her mom's recipe...kinda....but hmm
                  basically saute beef in some oil...add seasonings like salt/pepper/garlic powder...maybe some all seasoning or adobo.....once meat is cooked add chopped mushrooms/onions/carrots if u want....saute further till some juices develop, & add 1 packet of stuffing mix (the cut up bread) and cook/simmer until bread has absorbed juices but not soggy. Sounds good i may try it.


                    Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                    celery stuffed with cheddar cheese
                    That sounds neat! Would it be possible to share the recipe week though, I can only imagine how tiring cooking for 40 must be!


                      Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                      me and my daughter r geting ready for dinner ,actullay we r having dinner tomorow instead of thursday,,almost for 35 ppl..
                      we r making 3 turkeys,,man patato,cranberry sauce,,biquits,3 apple pies..stuffing for turkey,,,my sister in law is making tehari( u know kuch loug pasand nahee kertay turkey bb ko.aur pata nahee kai hai kal pata chalay ga,,
                      uuf threeeeeeeeeeeee turkeies ,,banatay banatay mai khud he turkey na ban joun...


                        Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                        What turkey recipes do you guys use? I use this one from Alton Brown, and it has always been an spectacular hit with everything. Do you have any recommendations?

                        Good Eats Roast Turkey Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network


                          Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                          can I come over?

                          good luck with teh 40 guests...

                          Hey do you think its possible someone can share a turkey recipe? No masala or desines please
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                            Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                            my turkey from last year...

                            i mostly used Alton Brown's recipe with a few minor changes. i'd posted the recipe on AD last year, but here it is again.

                            [SIZE=2]The secret to a moist, succulent turkey lies in a good long brine. You have to brine the bird for an hour per pound.[/SIZE]

                            Ingredients for Brine:
                            McCormick Roasting Rub - Cracked Peppercorn Herb
                            (If you cannot find this spice mix, use dried garlic, cracked black pepper, red chilly flakes, rosemary leaves)

                            Materials for Brine:
                            Brining bag (it's a HUGE ziploc bag) or a bucket large enough to hold the turkey.
                            Big pot to boil water

                            Directions for Brining:
                            Rinse the turkey well. Place the turkey breast up in the brining bag or large bucket.

                            Cover it with cold water until the turkey is just submerged in the water.

                            Count the quantity of water cup by cup or gallon by gallon as you pour it in. 16 cups = 1 gallon.

                            Take out about a gallon of water and boil it. Now for each gallon of water, you need 1 cup of salt-sugar in the ratio 2:1. Add the sugar and salt to the water and dissolve the salt/sugar.

                            Add the roasting rub spice mix into the pot (about 1.5 oz). Turn off the heat and let it cool down. Once it's lukewarm or nearly cool, pour it into the brining bucket and mix well.

                            Seal the brining bag or cover the bucket. Let the turkey sit in the brine for an hour per lb of turkey. Refrigerate it or if it's winter, you can put the bucket outdoors if the temperature outdoors is really cool.

                            Example: I had a 12 lb turkey. It took abt 4.5 gallons of water to cover the bird completely. That means i needed 4.5 cups of sugar-salt mixture, about 3 cups of salt and 1.5 cups of sugar. I took out 1 gallon from the brining bag, that left 3.5 gallons behind. In that 1 gallon of water i added the salt-sugar-spice mix and boiled it to make the brine. Since my turkey was 12 lbs, i had to brine it for abt 12 hrs. My turkey was sitting in the brine for abt 17 hrs and it came out really juicy.

                            Now we get to the roasting part.

                            Ingredients for roasted turkey:
                            1/4 cup olive oil
                            6 cloves of minced garlic
                            fresh thyme/sage/rosemary
                            1 apple
                            1/2 onion

                            Large roasting pan
                            Aluminium Foil
                            Silicon brush for basting
                            Meat thermometer

                            Directions for roasting turkey:

                            Pre-heat oven at 500F.

                            After taking turkey out of the brine, rinse the bird thoroughly. Place the bird breast up in the roasting pan and pat dry. Tuck the wings carefully under the bird. There is no need to tie the bird, it will prolong cooking time. And you can throw away the brine.

                            Lift the skin on the turkey breast and insert sprigs of rosemary/thyme/sage between the flesh and the skin. Cover the breast with a double layer of aluminium foil. In the bird's cavity, place sliced onions, sliced apple, rosemary/thyme/sage. Place the roasting pan into the oven at 500F for an hour.

                            After an hour, the bird will have started to brown lightly. Mix up the minced garlic and olive oil. Take the bird out of the oven, remove the aluminium foil, and with the silicon brush, baste the turkey all over with the garlic oil mixture. Reduce the temperature of the oven to 400 and place the pan back into the oven.

                            After yet another hour, you should rotate the bird to ensure even browning. Take it out of the oven. Apply yet another round of garlic oil. At this point, if you like, you can put halved baby potatoes, carrots, etc into the roasting pan around the turkey. Place the roaster back into the oven and reduce the heat to 350.

                            After another hour has passed, time to rotate the bird. After four hours have passed, rotate again. At this point, you can check the temperature of the meat. Stick the thermometer into a part of the breast, if it reads 160 or more, the turkey is cooked. My turkey roasted for exactly 5 hrs and it was done perfectly, neither over cooked nor undercooked.

                            If the turkey is done and the breast temp reads over 160, take the bird out of the oven. Cover it with aluminium foil and let it rest for 15 mins before carving it up.

                            Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


                              Re: Thanksgiving! Going NUTS!!!!!!

                              OK y am i visitign cuisine forum?

                              *running away as fast as i can*