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Club sandwiches

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    Club sandwiches

    * excuse the spelling mistakes* n unless u cant make the word out.. just ask

    Featured on Nadia Khan show
    U can make it low fat by subsituting margarine or minimal butter/oil but in karachi the sandwiches i have had are sooooooo damn fattenign from all the butter theyre fried in..

    *set out butter to get at room temp*

    Step 1
    I missed her tandoori chicken recipe so i made my own
    Boneless chicken 1/2-1 pound pound
    shan tandoori Masala 2 tbsp
    olive oil 4 tbsp
    zeera powder 1/2 tsp
    yogurt 1 tbsp
    lehsan adrak 1 tbsp
    a dash of fresh ground black pepper
    lemon juice 2 tbsp

    marinate n cook it in about 1/3-1/2 stcik of butter n until its cooked.
    I wanted the chiken to have a smokey flavor so i got a piece of coal and burned it on the stove till it was nice n red n lit (i dont know how to say it in bbq terminology). I made a lil circle in the middle of the pan moving the chiken to the side n put a bit of foil on it.. on the foil i placed the buring "koyla" n put two drop of oil on it n shut the lid of the pan. Let the chicken hang out with the smoke for a good 5 minute.

    step 2
    prepare ur salad
    thin slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and large pieces of salad leaf seperated.

    Step 3
    Break a few eggs n wisk them with fresh ground pepper
    In a tbsp of melted putter i made very thin 3 inch omeletes (indiviuals) u can always make one large omelet n use that.

    step 4
    Get sandwich bread n cut out the corners.. fry each piece of bread with butter brushed on BOTH sides until both sides r light brown. each sandwich requires 5 slices n i made liek 7 so i was doin this for a while

    Layer #1, spread mayo on bread , then tomato n cucumber n place with slice #2 mayofied.
    layer #2 is spread with mayo again on bread (both sides get mayofied techinically-calorie glaore) n u put a leaf of lettuce n cover it with a mayofied slice of fried bread
    layer #3 is the thin omelet sheet between mayofied slices
    Layer #4 is the tandoori chicken spinkled with a dash of fresh ground pepper and finally covered with the LAST one sided mayofied slice of bread.

    I placed an olive on the end of the toothpick n place two of the olived toothpicks on opposing sides to kind of hold the sandwich together before cutting it. I found the bread knife (duh) did a rathar good job at slicing my sandwich without butchering it.

    OOH n i fried potaoes with this, just run a few potatoes thru the slicer thats on the side of a 4 way grater (thinnest slices ever) n put a lil lal mirchi powder on them (a dash) n fry them till theyre crispyyy n golden brown. The fob that i am, I liek puttin chat masla on them, n everyone loves it. but u can just eat it with ketchup.. Lays Moveover!!!
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    Re: Club sandwiches

    the lady marinated chicken in oil, lemon juice, red chilli n salt n sauted it for few mins
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      Re: Club sandwiches

      yea i missed that .. how u doin chicky?
      her chicken pieces were kinda big thou.. i shredded mine.. neater i suppose
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        Re: Club sandwiches

        *hugs* Thank you Dev, can't want to try it out. I like the charcoal idea, sort of a bbq indoor.
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          Re: Club sandwiches

          Mujhey pehley hi banana ata hai
          Bazinggaaaa ....


            Re: Club sandwiches

            it sounds like hard work? is this bread ultra thin or are we talking wedges?
            Mill ke sab matam-e-shabbir karo..


              Re: Club sandwiches

              On Food Corner today Sana showed how to make club sanwiches also, she didn't use tomato and cucumbers she used cheese instead, and she put soy sauce in her egg omellete which did not look attractive as the egg had turned black. Did anybody jot down the recipe for the chicken soup she made, it didn't sound good at first, but it looked good when she presented it in the end.


                Re: Club sandwiches

                I would think a boiled egg might work better than a fried omlette??

                sounds yummy!