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Today's lunch...

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    Today's lunch...

    Today I made complete lunch ;-)
    here it is what i cooked....

    Lemon Rice

    Chana Aaloo

    With Rayeta



      Lemon rice ki recipe post karo plz

      Nice entry


        Hi Zeen,

        Is lemon rice similar to the south indian dish 'puliahara'?

        Are you Indian?
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            Originally posted by bitter:
            Hi Zeen,

            Is lemon rice similar to the south indian dish 'puliahara'?

            Are you Indian?
            Lemon rice is made with lemons while 'puliahara' (sp?) is made with tamarind. Totally different tastes.

            My recipe for lemon rice (with inspiration from Jamie Oliver)

            1. Cook rice with salt and a little oil
            2. Heat some olive oil and add a tsp of mustard seeds.
            3. As they start to splutter, add chopped chilies and ginger.
            4. Let 'em cook for a couple of minutes to let the oil soak in the chilly/ginger flavors
            5. Switch off the heat and add some turmeric.
            6. Add to the cooked rice with freshly squeezed lemon juice (to taste) and gently mix.
            7. Add fine chopped coriander.

            ta da!!!!
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              Aayesha: My method is a little different.I call it as "kamchori wala khana"

              Bitter : Yeah i am indian (north indian).In south india Lemon rice is called as "yelimicha saadam".
              Ayesha is correct 'puliahara' is actually tamarind rice (made with imli juice).I like taste of both

              Sabah:Thanks saba Here is my method

              1. Cook the plain rice
              2. extract juice of lemon (1 big lemon in 2 cup rice), put a 1 tsp turmeric powder,chilli powder into lemon juice.
              3.heat little oil and add a pinch of chana daal,masoor daal,toor daal,moong daal,red chilli, Kari leaf (kari patta) and, mustard seeds.Put them into the oil and let it splutter.
     put the mixture of juice and turmeric etc. into pan and leave it for 3-4 minutes to cook.
              5.Add the boiled rice, put salt to taste and mix gently.
              If you like karri leaf then add it in rice and cook for 10 minutes.

              serve it with rayeta