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URGENT- Children's Hospital/Cardiologist in Lahore

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    URGENT- Children's Hospital/Cardiologist in Lahore

    Salaams everyone,

    Just a quick and urgent question- does anyone know of a Children's Hospital in Lahore/Sialkot area? Or specifically knows of a Pediatric Cardiologist located in the same area? If yes, please let me know ASAP- it'd be much appreciated and you'd help someone very much in need of this info. Thanks and JazakAllah khair!

    P.S. I know there's a Children's hospital in Lahore but it seems like it's geared towards palliative care and Heme/Onc. We're specifically looking for a Peds Cardio person.
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    Re: URGENT- Children's Hospital/Cardiologist in Lahore

    There are numerous charity hospital which provides treatment to children's heart diseases as many renowned doctors provide children heart treatment as prof doctor Masood Sadiq is a renowned pediatric cardiologist in children hospital Lahore and dr Asif-ur-Rehman is also a professional pediatric cardiologist in Punjab Institute of Cardiology.