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Post Marraige diet

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    Post Marraige diet

    Hi Guys

    Ok, so I lost some weight before my wedding and its now been 3 months to the wedding...and I've had so many davate that me and my hubby have gained more weight!

    I work full time, and we live when I get home I try to cook and workout at the same time...I cook normal asian dishes and try to use less oil as possible...

    My question is, what is a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    Hubby and me dont have time to have breakfast in the morning so we just have biscuits and tea...lunch is whatever the menu is in the canteen and dinner is whatever I any ideas on what a healthy breakfast and lunch could be?

    I do eat a lot of fruit also, so its not as if we eat only junk...


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    Re: Post Marraige diet

    congradz for your wedding......

    well i would suggest you to cut down on eating out.... what i do is cook extra for dinner and i take that for lunch next day.
    * yougart is must in my lunch (sometimes plain or strawberry)
    * 1 fruit
    * homemade lunch (different kinds of sandwich, soup, salaads, chicken salan, lentils with rice or chapati, macaroni etc...all depends what i had for dinner last night)

    i usually dont have time for breakfast either so what i do is just have 1 cup of milk or kashmiri chai or just a glass of juice on my way to work.

    My timing for breakfast, lunch and dinner DOES NOT change.
    If you are planning to lose weight it is important to set a time for your dinner and always have ur dinner at that time along with excercise.
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      Re: Post Marraige diet

      ^^....So true, its not the junk that makes the difference, its the OUTSIDE food that affect,..
      When I started working, I told my mom to stop packing for me, but then i realised that i put on weight in a month which normally i would have put on in 6 months, so I started taking food from home,.....and alhamdulillaha, i can see loads of difference....


        Re: Post Marraige diet

        Hubby and me dont have time to have breakfast in the morning so we just have biscuits and tea

        Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! How about a bowl of multigrain cereal with lowfat milk and some fresh fruit, thats fast and healthy. Also maybe some yogurt