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Covid cautions

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    Covid cautions

    Do not underestimate the power of Gargles and steam.

    The way covid attacks is mostly through your nasal system and then respiratory while sitting in lungs and causing all sorts of damage. Now if your immune system is strong you'll bounce back but if you have any underlying problems it will hit harder and those problems will resurface, this time for a longer duration.

    Thats why older people are hard to cope up with because it just becomes severe.

    With gargles and steam you must clear away your nasal passage. Remember eyes, nose and throat i.e. ENT is one connected system. Keep those ducts clear by steam.

    Your second line of defense is Vitamins specially Vitamin C and D. Also in the phase of recovery start eating Zinc.

    You need good nourishment to recover from Covid. Eat eggs more. Just like how old school docs used to prescribe a med: Subah, dupehr , Shaam. Tough but eat eggs three times a day.

    Also some minor changes like when you lay down on bed, try lying on your stomach. It gives some relief to your lungs which are the prime target organs of Covid.


    Please do add more as per your knowledge, observation and experience