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Resistance Bands vs Weights?

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    Resistance Bands vs Weights?

    Does anyone exercise using resistance bands at home? I have taken to it recently because i got frustrated waiting around for gyms to open, they finally opened gyms in Toronto in August but have shut them down again because of the rising number of cases, my prediction is that the gyms will remain shut till the end of the Winter i.e. May 2021 because this virus is most effective during the cooler weathers.

    Surprisingly i have found the Resistance bands to be pretty decent, the only exercises i have not been able to do are the legs i.e. leg extensions, leg press machines and will have to find a creative way to do it. Using the resistance bands in my opinion is mostly about creativity and practice.

    Just wanted to know if anyone over here is using this mode of exercising and what are their views on it?

    My son told me that Mike Tyson never used any weights or bands and just free weight excervises. There are tousands of excercises that one can do without use gyms, weights or bands. In my past I would do 500 pushups in a day.