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YET another reminder for Vendors

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    YET another reminder for Vendors


    How would you like going to a shop, like an outfit/any thing on display and the note on it tells you to call/email/write to the owner for prices ? HOW ANNOYING, isnt it? AND how about the owner whispering the prices to other customers right in your face(like some of you send PM's instead of announcing it openly)? You would surely like to have a price-tag right there with instead I am sure. This is what all users here expect from the vendors as well. TLK has CLEARLY announced in the bazaar thread on the top of the page about putting up prices and Muzna keeps asking/reminding to put up prices separately with each picture you put . Please avoid ignoring announcements and notices and post prices with your products clearly right away instead of giving price 'ranges'.

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    Re: YET another reminder for Vendors

    Not to De-rail from the original topic but ur billi looks khatarnaak
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