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need a stylist based in pakistan

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    need a stylist based in pakistan

    I got married 4 years ago and my husband is from pakistan. my inlaws live there, i never used to wear pakistanii clothes so i dont have much fashion sense i have only recently started taking interest because my inlawz are crazy about clothes and fashion in pakistan. unfortunatly other than dissing my clothes which i have bought from here (UK) they are not much help, always make fun of my clothes and think i depend on them for my pakistani clothes. now my sister in law is getting married we will have to travel soon in march.

    I am looking for a personal stylist maybe also an friend in pakistan who knows about clothes and material there and who can help me pick outfits for me and my baby girl.
    I will need few clothes every two or three months say 3 or 4 pieces mostly high street onez. and obviously someone who can help me design outfits for few days of wedding. obviously i will pay for the clothes, stitching and for the service provided. i am not super rich so if you are looking to make a lot of cash please dont get in touch.

    Re: need a stylist based in pakistan

    City in pakistan?