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FAQ for Bazaar and Classified Forums.

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    FAQ for Bazaar and Classified Forums.

    What is the difference between Bazaar Talk and the Classified Ads forum?
    Bazaar Talk is intended to allow members to talk about their choices, experiences with vendors, about their likes and dislikes for a particular brand or product. Classified Ads on the other hand is a platform for vendors to advertise their product or services or for buyers to solicit an expression of interest from vendors to provide a product or services.

    Can I advertise in someone elseís thread?
    No you may not advertise in someone else thread. Advertising your own products or services in another vendorís thread is like walking into the Apple Store and telling customers to walk across the hall and buy from the Microsoft store. Also, each vendor should limit their advertising to a single thread. Multiple threads advertising the same vendorís products or services will be merged and a repeat violation of this policy will be dealt with by the moderators.

    How much is that doggy in the window?
    For all vendors advertising in the Classified section, Gupshup has introduced a new rule: when you post a product to sell in the Classified section, you MUST post prices with products advertised. Do not ask that members contact you for the price Ė prices must be displayed in the thread with the product.

    I got ripped off by a vendor who advertised on Gupshup, what can I do?
    Gupshup does not warrant the products, services or reputation of any vendors who have signed up as members or are advertising on Gupshup. It is buyer beware at all times.

    You may post a review about your experience with a vendor and it is recommended that you resolve your complaint privately, but if you post a thread to attempt to resolve your claim, remember all claims against a vendor must be substantiated. False accusations are not acceptable and such posts may be removed.

    Iíve come up with the next best business idea (or want to sell the lehnga that was out-of-style last decade) and want to advertise it to the whole wide world, why wonít Gupshup let me?
    Gupshup has provided all of our budding entrepreneurs with a forum Classified section, in which you can advertise your products or services. There is a reason advertising is limited to that space Ė to make it easy for buyers of products to find the advertisement and to avoid cluttering up other forums. Also, for those wily posters who think to get around this rule by adding links to their signature lines, we see what youíre doing and we will remove the advertisement and may take action against the member.
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