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Carpets/Rugs Isb/Pindi area

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    Carpets/Rugs Isb/Pindi area

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy rugs/carpets in Islamabad/Rawalpindi? Some general price guidelines would also be helpful. (5x8, runners, etc.)

    Also, does anyone know how much the airline would charge to bring a 5x8 rug back? I am trying to decide if it is more cost effective to buy here or while I am in Pak this summer.


    Re: Carpets/Rugs Isb/Pindi area

    You can get excellent carpets in Islamabad, but at a higher price than most other cities such as peshawar. There are a few stores on murree road that import themselves direct from Iran. Friday bazaar also has some good bargains if your good at bargaining. Make sure you know the difference between what you want to buy, ie hand made cost more then a machine made, and the material being used, ie cotton/wool etc. There are a few stores catering mostly to foreigners in F6 markaz and blue area there is one called achakzai carpets. Personally I found the friday bazaar to be the best deal as they sell at a low profit margin.

    As for taking it back to usa, you could take it back as your normal luggage and if it it is in excess, you might have to pay extra, but all depends on if your flying business class or not and if the plane your travelling on is a 747 and 777, they usually make less fuss if the trip is a larger plane.