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A Gud Darzi in Wapda Town Lahore

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    A Gud Darzi in Wapda Town Lahore

    Hey Guys,

    i am at the time in pakistan Lahore and i need a very gud i mean a VERY gud Darzi here in Wapda town.
    U know this type of darzi who do „kamal“ or have magic in his hands.

    plz help me out!!!

    i visit here so many and belive it or not every single one was very disappointing.


    Hmm.. where are Lahoriites when you need them?

    Eastern Dresses can you help?
    Attitude is more important than facts.
    "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"


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      Thanks for the tag but I wouldn't know anyone in lahore. May be prototype can help?

    Ask the local women living near you , they are better in referring you a good one


      He is an imposter. This poster is not a girl. I inboxed 'her' my contact nmbr early this morning. 'She' asked my location/address which I gave. After that, all day I have received frequent blank calls from these two numbers: 0092-3341346237 & 0092-3091809744.

      At first, no spoke up. Just blank calls. Then an 'unnatural donkey-accent of an unusual voice of a woman spoke up going "hello, hello". Unusual voice as if some man is struggling to sound like a woman. I was alarmed by then so didnt reply. The calls frequency increased each time that donkey-voice pretending to be a women going "hello hello".

      Upon recalling that I passed on my contact nmbr to this 'girl' online this morning, I rejected my suspicion that it is a man pretending to be a woman & decided to respond. So when I picked up the next call from these numbers, before I said 'hello', the same 'donkey-accent' spoke up but this time it was a man's voice. Exact same 'donkey' accent but a man this time. So it occurred to me that this human-donkey is a man not a girl fishing for something else, surely not a tailor as after revealing his real 'male' voice, he also started texting me frequently asking to give him my name. His behaviour is like a psychopath released from a hospital.

      This went on all day & his last text has arrived just minutes ago. So I am back here to warn everyone else who may try to help him out with his search.

      What makes me sure these calls are from this guy is because this is a new business nmbr recently purchased sim which I gave 'her' & none of my family or social contacts have this nmbr. This is the first time I gave it away to anyone for business purposes here online to end up with this.

      So anyone taking this as a genuine query, no it is not.


        Interesting , thanks for sharing


          I will admire you for this nice sharing. I have noted this and will also go for visit him soon. I have so many unstitched dresses so will try it.


            Hey Loli! I have no idea about Lahore derzi because I always buy stich suits. By the way share your favorite suit design with me. I just wait for your reply.


              Hello Alizy! I read your post and this is nice. My sister also want to this. If you have more stuff about this so share here. I am waiting for your reply.


                Such a freak

                why bother with assorted nicks when you can just post with one in bazaar forum for sale

                seems to be a guy

                find other forums as this place has only handful of active mens

                hardly any women left

                no need to wait for reply and stop "sharing"

                just go somewhere else