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Jokes Rules [PLEASE READ]

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    Jokes Rules [PLEASE READ]

    Please keep these policies in mind when posting in the Jokes Forum

    • Keep all jokes G rated. That means a joke that is appropriate for everyone of all age groups and gender. If it's a joke that you can't tell your parents or your younger sibling, then it's not appropriate to post.

    • Avoid ethnic jokes. Jokes about sardars, pathans etc are not allowed. If you think that joke is very funny and you must share it, then change the joke so it isn't targetting a specific ethnicity. For example, a joke that might go like "A sardar was riding the bus...." can be changed to "A man was riding the bus..."

    • Avoid mud-slinging/targetting a guppy. If you aren't real close friends with that guppy, then don't post a joke about them because that person can be offended and no one wants to deal with the after effects.

    • Comments posted should be appropriate.

    • While it's great to appreciate a joke, please take all the flooding to Cafe.

    • If you find someone inappropriate, please use the Report Post button (It is the red and white triangle in every post). Or, pm the mod of Jokes.

    • Please remove any formatting tags when you copy paste a joke. It makes it very difficult to read a joke when you have tags such as
      [FONT='Segoe Print'][SIZE=4] [/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE=2]Twice.[/SIZE]
      scattered throughout a post.

    Anything that the moderators deem offensive/inappropriate will be removed at their discretion and can lead to warnings.

    If you have any questions or are not sure if the joke you want to post is appropriate, don't be hesitant to pm the mod to ask them first. Better to be safe than be sorry.
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    \_o_ Guiltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
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    and then Buffy staked Edward and the Winchesters SAWED OFF HIS SPARKLY HEAD WITH A MACHETE and set him on fire to finish it. The End.

    Re: Jokes Rules [PLEASE READ]

    Very Important Rule to be followed:

    • No cursing allowed in jokes. Do not post jokes with curses or harsh abusive words at any cost. Repeat offences will earn you points and warnings.
    Main to is waastay chup hon kay tamasha na banay
    Tu samajhta hai mujhe tujh se gila kuch bhi nahi...