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Two druggies (xtremily g-rated) :(

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    Two druggies (xtremily g-rated) :(

    Ike din 2 poranay jigri drugy yars decided to spend the night sleeping on top of the roof. After having a few pufs and getting real high, they felt wet. Took them an hr to figure out it had started raining. So druggie #1 goes to #2...Yar tuo neechay utar, mie upar say charpai pakrata hoon. Since they were living in pure pind style mud house, where u pass the charpais straight down from the roof to the groud floor. Druggie #2 gets down, puts his hands up....grabs the bars of the window on the wall below thinking its the charpai ...saying, "Chor duo!!! "
    When druggie #1 lets go of the charpai, druggie #2 starts yelping with pain moaning and swearing at the druggie on roof saying:"Yar abhi tuo ike pakri he nahi aur tum nay doosri bhi chor di gadhay!"

    Re: Two druggies (xtremily g-rated)

    so they had no spare charpais on the ground floor or in the basement ??
    the one on the roof was the only one
    If every country in the world is in debt
    Where the hell did all the money go !!