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Do you have to Practice Islaam to be a true Pakistani

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    Do you have to Practice Islaam to be a true Pakistani

    Assalaamu 'alaikum,

    Can you consider yourself to be a true Pakistani if you do not practice Islaam? After all, when Pakistan was born, Muhammad Ali Jinnah did not strive to preserve cultural values, but rather religious values and morals. Islaam and Muslims were the whole reason why Pakistan was created in 1947.

    What do you say? All comments welcome.

    kindest regards

    hasnain u first have to be a good insaan to be a true member to ur family, community, society, culture, tradition, and country..............

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      Hasnain jee

      Pakistans to ghar ki tarah hai, jo ise jitna apna samjhe ga utna us ka hoga. Aik Qadyaani, hindu...bhi true pakistani ho saqte hain. Pakistan ko banane aik wajah Islam ki pairwi ki azaadi bhi thi.

      Yes do I consider myself as a true pakistani, eventhough I'm not that good in practicing Islam.



        Hey Guys,

        If that was the case then i'm sure many Pakistanis would feel out of place. If i was born in Pakistan, i would call myself Pakistani for reasons of origin.


        what does 'insaan' mean?



          john ji insaan means "humanbeing" i guess or my urdu has really gone crazy ........

          regarding quaideazam ji well ppl this isnot my opnion so dont bash me with ur comments i am just going to state something i heard in a discussion ......well i thought always that jinnah was a superhero until i heard in one place and they were paks discussing that all jinnah ji wanted was his name thats why he did so much of a big propaganda ....he had no interest with the origin of pakistan.........
          hey i was confused is that true .........
          once again dont bash me with ur comments i just stated what i heard i just want ur comments



            Nadia21 woh suna hoga aap ne 'Jitne munh utni baatein', aap ka dil aur zameer jis baat ko behter taur pe accept kerta hai, aap use hi sach manein...waise Qaid ki interest koi bhi rahi hooN, hammein to aazaadi mil gai na, hamare liye to itna hi kafi hai, aur Allah SWT is ke liye un ki maghfir farmae amen.
            Wiase history books aur khud Qaid pe likhi gai books paRh ke dekkhein shayed aap behter taur pe logon ki baatooN ko judge ker saqein



              aray sabah ji aap phir like i said i didnt state the comment it was stated by someone else dont bash me with ur comments really i am not interested in history far as azadi goes .......i am still pondering about that ........seeing the current state of karachi these days makes me many lives destroyed for nothing sad ...i dont know how ppl living in karachi survive with such violence happening....any way to all the karachiittes i do think ur all very brave .......



                Thanks for your responses.

                Saba jee,

                Interesting analysis ... as always.


                Don't worry, you're almost one of us.

                nadia21 jee,

                Aap sahee ka raheen hain, paley insaaniat zaroori hai.

                With regards to what you said about Muhammad Ali Jinnah sahab, i have also heard these things. However, depending on which history books and what people you turn to you will always get personal impressions and views thrown in. I personally don't believe he did it for his own interests. But then again i'm also bias because i appreciate Pakistan and am happy to be Pakistani.

                As sabah jee said, one thing is for sure, humei azaadi milhee.

                As far as Karachi goes, the instability there is due to political differences in more recent times. Religion upon the correct methodology and understanding unites a nation, wheras politics based on greed for power breaks it. I'm sure Jinnah sahab would not have wanted these problems in Karachi.

                kind regards

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                  Being a good Pakistani has no direct relevance to being a true or better Muslim because Pakistani population is not 100% Muslim, so a good Pakistani may be a Muslim or non-muslim equally. But since this country was created on the name of islam, therefore if a Pakistani Muslims practices islam in true spirit it will not only our Thanks to Alimghty Allah but also to show the world that we were always right in having our own homeland.

                  Nadia21 nothing personal, but it is a famous saying that 'suni sunayee par yaqeen nahee kartey" or na hee aisee batoon ko phelatey hain". Apart from that u said u r not interested in history then it should not matter to you at all what were the objectives of Quaid-e-Aazam.


                    I would say those with such views that Pakistan was created for "Muslims" only, are not Pakistanis. They should go and live in Iran or Afghanistan, their brotherly MUSLIM countries. Pakistan is for Pakistanis. It should have no place for those who believe it is only for Muslims. If Jinnah had thought that it was only for Muslims, he would have left his wife in Bombay.


                      Nadia has it right on the money!
                      "hasnain u first have to be a good insaan (human being) to be a true member to ur family, community, society, culture, tradition, and country.............."
                      Without humanity, tolerance and compassion for others - all the prayers, fasting, etc.. will amount to nothing, zero, nada!
                      The Quad-e-Azam is probably turning over in his grave at the sorry state of affairs in Pakistan; we have lost half of Quad's Pakistan to Bangladesh and the rest is torn apart with sectarian, regional and linguistic conflicts.
                      To answer your question: Do you have to Practice Islam to be a true Pakistani?

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                        "quo vadis?"
                        "where are you going?"
                        said st. peter to jesus when the former saw the latter in a vision.

                        "quo vadis?"
                        "where are you going?"
                        is my cry to the pseudo-patriot extremists.

                        some 50 years ago, we had to be good muslims to oppose the very creation of pakistan. Good muslims (i.e. molvis) reckoned pakistan to be a plan of westernized liberal thinkers which were seriosuly to be opposed.

                        in the words of justice muneer,

                        "the net result is that the parties who opposed the creation of pakistan are, by a strange quirk of history, placed in a position where they could destroy quaid-e-azam's conception of pakistan and to give to the country, a set of laws which are directly opposed to the koran."

                        Quaid's own words,

                        "You may belong to any religion or cast or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state."
                        " Now i think we should keep that infront of us, as our ideal, and you will find in the course of time, that hindus would cease to become hindus, and muslims would cease to become muslims."

                        - as a president of constituent assembly, on 11th august 1947. it wouls be interesting to remark that before the speech jinnah stopped the recitation of the holy koran and ordered that the proceedings should be carried on without it.

                        Lastly, muhammad ali jinah put on a hindu as the treasure minister and an Ahmadi as a foriegn minister in this crucial stage of development of a new free country. These two can obviously not be good muslims, yet being good pakistanis was evident.


                          ahhhhhhh again bashing me with ur comments no no i dont believe in that comment cause i have great respect for Jinnah and Gandhi though i think Gandhi ji was a little out of his head but then also they were brave headstrong ppl and i admire there these quatlities regardless of what their personal thinking was .............


                            Thats strange nadia21. first you gave a statement and when others expressed their views you are considering it bashing against you!!!!!!!


                              jak ji read carefully what i have posted then comment