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Is there anyone from Peshawar here?

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    Is there anyone from Peshawar here?

    Assalaamu 'alaikum,

    I was just trying to get some information regarding the whereabouts of a region in Peshawar.

    Have you heard of Khyber Road in Officer's Defence Colony, Peshawar? How easy is it to find and reach if you're travelling in from Rawalpindi?

    I'd be grateful if anyone can help with any relevant information.

    thank you

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    I lived in Pishawar for two years....
    But sorry I can't help you as I was only 4 years of age then

    If you happen to bump into my Buddy MURAD KHAN....please say my hello to him...

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      Mahnoor jee,

      It's quite okay, you don't have to apologise.

      Umm ... besides i think i've posted this question in the wrong forum perhaps!

      Jee, if i come across a Murad Khan, i'll be sure to pass on your regards



        Hi hi hi. Me from Pekhawar.
        And yesssss its very easy to find that colony.



          I have lived in Peshawar for 3 years and like Mahnoor I was also very young to remember where I used to live.. Maybe somewhere near Governer House.... Yeah I remember... It really was a great place. Oh yeah I also remember when Gen. Zia ul Huq came to peshawar we went to say hi to him in the governer house..

          Aur haan meri class main aik larki thi, Mushtari -(Jupiter) agar woh kahien mil jai to Salaam keh dena.


            Hum Sa Ho To Samne Aaye jee,

            thank you

            Dee Dee jee,

            You went to say 'hi' to Zia-ul-Haq? You should have said 'G'day'.

            Jee, agar planet Jupiter nazar aaey tho ous ko aap ka salaam poncha doun gah

            Anyone else want to pass on any salaams or pleasantries to someone?

            (the strange thing is, i'm not even going there yet. Hmm ... yeh logh mujhe jaaney sai majboor kar rahai hain )


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