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Gupshup on the way down?

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    Gupshup on the way down?

    Lately I have noticed an increase in the amount of censorship in Gupshup.

    Messages getting altered, posts getting deleted, perfectly legitemate discussions being locked up.

    One thing I always loved about Gupshup was the honest attitude towards peoples opinions where people were allowed to argue out their points of view without being overly hindered by administrators.

    I have never asked for anyone to be stopped from giving their view in Gupshup because I want to hear everyone's view.

    Not the edited sanitised version.

    I agree that offensive language should not be allowed, but any viewpoint, if there is a good reason, for it should be allowed.

    I will only give my honest opinion. If you don't like it I will leave the forum.

    I am not interested in being part of a control experiment.

    Mr xtreme ji
    i think ur wrong about that cause i have gotten away with posts that i thought were very very u know .....
    so there is nothing wrong with gupshup ...maybe u should particiapte in the gups with a different attitude ......


      I know what the problem is. Some people aren't quite getting the expected support in religion and politics forums, and hence they are moving posts down here to get people to notice them. In the last two days how many posts from Politics forum have been planted here?
      Simple ain't easy.



        Sorry, but it's the only attitude I got. Must have left the rest in a cab somewhere. This damned attitude is getting me into too much trouble. I try to make it behave then it comes back and kicks me in the butt again.


        Is thee and me still queer or is just thee?


          Mr xtreme
          guess i know the feeling
          dont worry after a few of ur threads being closedd and a couple of warnings from the administrator and ur attitude will come back from wherver its gone too


            LOL Nadia21:

            Mr. Extrem:

            "Merey ishrat kadey pey ayee ho tu mere assol janoo
            koee naam naa ley insaaf kaa merey ma'khaaney mein


              msaqibj ji