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Amish People - further inquiries ...

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    Amish People - further inquiries ...


    Now that i've been told these people don't use technologies, i suppose they can't be contacted by email huh?

    Does anyone know, how they take to strangers and outsiders? Would they be friendly toward them, and allow outsiders to spend some time with them? Perhaps even live with them?

    Again i will most appreciate any responses.

    kindest regards,

    The Amish are very nice people. They will say hello and talk freely with you. They are not interested in *worldly* things, so they won't ask you about your life or your beliefs. I'm pretty sure they get tired of being asked the same questions about everything from electricity to religion.

    I lived near an Amish community. They do not have medical insurance so they would frequently sell hand sewn quilts at the local hospital to cover their medical bills. I know that in Pennsylvania, they have a whole tourist industry built around seeing the Amish. I don't like that idea because they are not objects d'artes, they are people.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me.


      Yes Saira is right:
      You can find Amish people's teretory in Nebraska, Iowa, South/North Dakota. In these areas, the Amish furniture is popular. People buy the Amish furniture becasue it is all hand made. Amish people do not use any technology, they use horse carts for the travelling. They are friendly on the road but they are dangerous if you go near to their teretories, obviously they become suspesious about your presence. They would not let you stay with them unless you have a very good reason to be there. They would not kill you but they would ask you to leave (It happened to us).


        Saira jee,

        Jazaak'Allaah khair for the informative response. It's good to learn more about them, and i was also telling a friend who also seems to be interested in knowing about them.

        They certainly seem like interesting people, but unfortunately in th UK we don't have any.

        Thanks for offering to pass on more information regarding them.

        msaqibj yaar,

        Jazaak'Allaah khair again. They seem like simple but good people who strictly adhere to their priciples. Do they not even use telephones?

        kind regards


          Having driven through Pennsylvania ( during Memorial Day ) via Harrisburg - if u detour u come across several Amish communities....- I think its admirable that a coimmunity has striven to preserve their culture & value system and a way of life .....

          Of course the civil war battlfields in N. Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania are real cool places too Anteitam, Manasses, Fredricksburg etc etc ......

          National Geographic every so often has a piece on them - please refere to your local National Geographic archive at a local library....