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    Dear Munza jee


    I think ik insan ka liya itna saza kafi hai..Ironman ko ap bhee jantee hai aur sara gupshup may bhee wo bohat mashoor hai...please forgive him this time...if he does anything like this in can punish me buy forbedding me to get into gupshup....I know you have a big heart,ap apna bhayon(brothers) sa itna to naraz na hoon...dunyia kuch din ke hai..kis ko pata hai ka wo ana wala kal dekha ga bhee ke nahi,
    Please Munza jee Ik mauqa irom man ko deygee.
    I hope you will not disappoint me and other members of gupshup, as a ajnabi i have never requested anyone,but I am requesting you for it..have a big heart...allah ap ko is ka ajr zaroor dee ga.


    dont make noise DILSE


      Munza jee ap kahan ghaib hai,kuch to bolo janab,I am still waiting for your decision,this will prove how much you love your kids in gupshup..hahahaha(just kidding)
      allah hafiz

      dil...dilseee...dil to akhir dil hai kiya

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        Munza jee are the moderator..atleat have some courtesy to reply.....I dont think I am talking to a wall.....



          First dilse
          It would help if you actually knew how to spell the name… is spelled MUZNA.

          See that top left hand corner where it says General? It says moderated by Kashmirigirl. So why are you asking for muzna the moderator's response?

          I think I remember azkar saying that ironman is not banned…his nick ironman is. As far as I know he can come back on at any time, using a different nick.

          I would suggest that you go back and re-read the many other threads about the subject before you post.

          one last comment...being a moderator or admin doesn't mean i have to "love" any of you.

          Thank you.

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            Moderator Kashmirigirl,

            Sorry to say this but the type of post you have posted for Dilse was totally uncalled for.
            You have not been "Directly" addressed, "Insulted" and or "Provoked" in any way.

            Also, I don't think there is any ruling by the Admin that members must post messages for Moderators or Admin on specific forums.

            It is Muzna's Prerogative whether to respond or not and not the biz of any other Moderator to jump in.

            The tensions and tempers are already pretty heightened and unless all of you COOL down and refrain from PROVOKING negative interactions, I think some of us will prefer saying Goodbye.



            Adaab. Aap say aik guzaarish hai, agar ho sakay toa please drop this topic for a while.

            If it makes you feel any better, I did hunt down Bhai Iron, like I do "ANY" member who says they are leaving and his response was that he is busy with other stuff, doing just fine and has no plans of coming to GupShup at the present time.


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              Kashmirigirl...well thanks for the insulting remark..if I have misspelled the name ,then what is the big think you are the most perfet person in this whole world..who dosent make have already proved your smartness by posting insulting think I care...the only reason I was addressing MUZNA,because chowdhury sahib mentioned if muzna gives ok, and I did not know that you have seeing problem I can see every corner allah ka shukar hai ka my eye sight is 20/20.....
              I am really shocked that beaing a have this nasty attitude....It was just a remark if you love your gupshup members....and in reply you wrote I quote you(one last comment...being a moderator or admin doesn't mean i have to "love" any of you. ) who cares who is dying for you love...with this kind of attitude I dont even think you have any respect for your ownself know one have made mazak of yourself by posting that nasty..insulting remark..not me..a person who is incharge of something should have little respect of the person.
              Last you should change you name to something else,because Kashmiri girl is not att all sutiable for you,because KASHMIRI people have great regard and respect for every humen being,I have lot of kashmiri friends,and they are great, so dont spoil that good Kashmiri profile...shame on you for the insulting remarkssssssssss.
              you now what it seem,you got a very good training at home how to talk to others..
              Muzna jee and choudhry sahib...this is how your moderator address gupshup friends,I think she should be thrown out,she dosent have any RIGHT to speak to any one like this

              YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY

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                Rubiya Nur jee..thanks for the support,as you requested I will drop this subject,but will never allow anyone to insult me the way that person did..i fell insulted to even take that name....You know why our country is so backward,because we believe in critizing and correcting the fault.


                [This message has been edited by dilse (edited June 02, 1999).]


                  Dilse Yaar:
                  I know how you are feeling and I am with you all the time. My vote will be with you all the time, does not matter if I am on the GupShup or on the plane (Looks like that way these days).
                  My friend, do not take it so hard, every one talk to the level of his/her thinking power. This world is full of hypocritics and double faced people. The same people who preace the love and peace in one thread, show their actual mentality level in the other thread. My little advice to my brother type friend Dilse is that just ignore the comments made about you by some one.
                  You know what ignoring is the worst punishment you can give to some one sitting behind the computer screen.


                    Msaqib jee...I have great regard for good friend and good advise,my promice to you I will not post anything in this regard,but the way this idiotic person is posting regard and respect for anyone...I am also greatful to Rubiya nur for the advice, I will drop this topic,but I will leave it to god that this person gets a kick somewhere in this world,that will open the eyes not to make anyone feel bad,allah sub kuch maf kar deta hai mere bhai,laiken kisyee ka dil torna,bohat hee bara azab hai....god is great...

                    love you




                      One more request PLEASE!! NO MORE....

                      Or else this will see no end!

                      Hope you will keep my request!

                      [This message has been edited by Rubiya Nur (edited June 02, 1999).]


                        Rubiya Nur jee ap ke khoshi merey khoshi hai
                        no problem...

                        dil..dilseeee...dil to akhir dil hai kiya


                          Kashmirigirl is the moderator of this forum and she has the official right to intervene(any thread in GENERAL) when she is creative, artistic and outgoing.

                          Yours Fata Morgana


                            This world is full of Chamchas


                              Msaqib jee aur Rubiya nur....hahahaha

                              kuchh naa kaho, kuchh bhI naa kaho
                              kyaa kahanaa hai, kyA sunanaa hai
                              mujhako pataa hai, tumako pataa hai
                              samay kaa ye pal, tham saa gayaa hai
                              aur is pal me.n koI nahii.n hai
                              bas ek mai.n huu.N bas ek tum ho