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    UK judge slams forced marriages of Asian girls

    LONDON, May 28: A damning ruling by a High Court judge against the forced marriage of British Asian girls emerged on Friday as news of three extreme cases increased pressure on the government to take a firmer stance on the practice.

    Justice Singer's ruling that parents who take their daughters abroad in order to marry them off against their will are guilty of abduction has been applauded by campaigners against forced marriages.

    His landmark judgment, made 10 days ago and which has only just come to public attention, came after he succeeded in ordering the return of a 17-year-old British Sikh girl taken by her parents to a remote Indian village to be married.

    The spotlight turned on the plight of some British Asian girls who react against forced marriages after a mother and son were on Tuesday jailed for life for murdering the teenage daughter they believed had insulted family honour with her adulterous pregnancy.

    The daughter had wanted to divorce her husband, who she was forced to marry at the age of 15, and marry her lover.

    The sentence prompted Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, to issue a statement condemning the "negative and destructive practice" of forced marriages and urging Britain's Muslim community leaders to follow suit.

    "Patriarchal leaders need to evaluate the sexist messages they are giving to young men and begin to openly condemn such inhuman practices," he said.

    Campaigners are increasing pressure on the government and public bodies to adopt a harder line on forced marriages. Previously, authorities have avoided tackling the issue for fear of accusations that they are impinging on the religious and cultural freedoms of ethnic groups.

    Ann Cryer, the Labour MP for Keighley, West Yorkshire, a region with one of Britain's largest Asian communities, this week brought to the government's attention the case of a young mixed-race couple who have been on the run for seven years because of death threats from the Asian girl's family.

    Some Asian teenage girls can face "all sorts of coercion from family emotional blackmail right through to lives being at risk," said Cryer, who is campaigning for greater awareness of Asian girls and women placed in danger.

    Pressure groups estimate that at least 1,000 young British Asian women are forced into marriage each year.

    Cryer wants Muslim community leaders to speak out against families who place honour above the good of their daughters.

    "Only when it starts to come from the leaders of their (the families') own communities, particularly from the mosques then perhaps they'll actually take notice," she explained, adding that forced marriages are "un-Islamic".

    She drew a clear distinction with "totally acceptable" arranged marriages, where the girl's consent must be sought.

    But she warned that Britain's 1.5 million-strong Asian population could face increasing resistance from their teenage daughters to arranged marriages.

    "It's a sort of time-bomb that's going off now," she said. "Girls of 15, 16 and 17, born into British culture are not going to accept the norms which were relevant to their older sisters and mothers."

    Ayub Laher is general secretary of the Council of Mosques in Bradford, a northern city which holds Britain's second largest Muslim community, of around 90,000.

    He strongly disputes the notion that community leaders are sending families the wrong message about forced marriages, although he conceded that more remained to be done.

    Part of the problem, he said, lies in the fact that "many of the youngsters growing up in England are growing up far from proper Islamic teachings."-AFP

    I am very disappointed that such case once again came into the spotlight of media. I understand the problem of parents and do slo understand the problems of those kids who forcefully are getting married. The problems seen from parents is that they usually marry their daughter to sister's son or brother's son that after marriage the boy can come to western country and make money. I can hardly beleive that parents do love their daughters!! I feel that those parents consider their daughter as some kind of preciuos property which they "sell" to achaa kandaan, achay izaat daar kandan, larke ke walad siasaat main kam karta hai, flana bohar barra karrobari karta hai!! What is this nonsense. They used to work many years ago, but not today. We are getting into next century just about half year, and we still practising this "forcefully marriages"?

    Seen from the kids view, they are to much exposed to western kind of marriages, love marriage. If one daughter who come from a very rich family and suddenly get fall in love with a boy, whos father work like shoe-polisher at the corner of the street!!
    Is that possible, can you tell me that?
    I dont think it is possible. Unless you find a boy by yuorself (real love) and he is welleducated and stand on his feet. I am sure that parents are not so sceptic then....




        Welcome to Gup Shup Shamas.....

        Looks like the move of a "Sane Individual" - **wink**


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            …..Part of the problem, he said, lies in the fact that "many of the youngsters growing up in England are growing up far from proper Islamic teachings."….

            Excuse me?
            When did it become Islamic to pressure daughters into a marriage?

            I think many of the young Muslims are using religion to justify and support their choice in a marriage partner. Many of these girls are more educated and know their rights….and not all of them are running off with the thug down the street.


            ….I am sure that parents are not so sceptic then....

            Not necessarily.

            Many of the British Muslims are of Kashmiri decent. The kashmiri tend to marry within close family ties. I think that this is because of it is what they are most familiar with and also because of the strong sense of familial responsibility especially when it comes to marriage. By agreeing to allow their daughter or son to not marry a relative, they are essentially saying their brother/sister's son/daughter is not good enough. In addition, many kashmiries pride themselves on not selling their daughters to the richest/most educated taker and will not accept another suitor simply because he is educated or well off.


              Kafir Judge and I would trust on Him/her ruling?
              These people have their ways to let the other religions down with different ways.
              Forcing the doughters into a wrong marriage is different than saving the daughters from from the crooks who take advantage of innocent girls in the name of love.


                man these gora never seem to get it ...they already have screwed there culture they are after ours...there are good and bad in every culture.but somehow they seem to notice every single fault in ours.that is a nice lesson to Teen muslim girls that.. hey screw ur parents .u know what is best for u...when all they waana do it try to fit in at that age...and most of the desi famlies do not marry there girls of at 14 ...its like saying that all the muslims are terrorists (i wonder if hooked on phonics..worked for me) guess not

                gotta love this

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                  Hey People,

                  I have to say I identify with Kashmirigirl's answers. I am not from Kashmir myself but a lot of my close friends are. I am from Sahiwal, Punjab, but from what I have seen of the people of Azad Kashmir is that they have strong principles and are basically decent people.

                  Arranged marriage/Forced marriage are two different things and a lot of it is cultural baggage from our Indian roots. Let's face it, this problem is peculiar to the Indian sub-continent and applies to Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. Why is that?

                  Against all this is the western concept of marriage/divorce/single parent/homosexual, I don't even want to go into the rest.

                  Just ask yourselves this...are you happy with your parents? Yes? Why?

                  Believe me, western kids can't say the same thing.


                    Marriage and Religion are two diff topics
                    over here we are discussing ppl being married by force.....
                    no religion including Islam tolerates that..........
                    and if someone has taken a stand against forced marriages then they should be credited
                    if one sees this in the light of Islam then a woman has the right to chose her own life partner and parents are obligated to include a girls wish when they chose a partner for her.........
                    so the things comes back to the same very point ........some ppl twist and turn things to suit themselves ........lets not blame islam for that......
                    Forced marriage is a Humanatarian Crisis not a Religious Crisis


                      salams n stuff,

                      well the main problem lies with parents who dont teach their kids well about their religion and also about the culture.

                      If its okay for a guy to go around fu*Beep* other chics here n their they say" jawan munda aye" well that aint good! on the other side if they see their chic having sex or something they get a fit " hoow Hi naak kutwa di etc.. tu mer q nahingaie etc..(quiet dramatic dialogues come up in that )

                      Is that our culture ?? or Religion?? and now at this stage who would you call ABCD? who is the confused one the kids or the parents??

                      Jai Peeri !!