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Most of the GUPSHUP members know one another and they seem to ignore the others..

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    Most of the GUPSHUP members know one another and they seem to ignore the others..

    I have notice for a while know that a lot of the members on this forum, know one another and they have there little chats but they seem to forget there are other members aswell. I think that is very rude. You should include everyone and treat them all the same and get to know one another and make an effort.


    May be you are right in your analysis, may be you are not...

    Looking at your profile, I see that you are a fairly new comer. I would suggest participation in active threads... u know raise your voice on different issues.. especially the controversial ones and you will see how soon you will find new friends popular among Gupshupers...


      i kindda of second that that and a lot of ppl have express the same thoughts but u r the first to post a thread on it .so guyz u know what to do?


        That could be right for some pleople gut not for every one


          fair enuff to an extent i agree with what u say, but it has to be a two way thing, if we (me included) don't make an effort to participate in discussions and so forth we wouldn't feel left out...

          but there does need to be an effort made on both sides..and also obviously ppl who have been here longer will know each other better, n thats something which will change as you participate in discussions n get to know ppl better


            Thanks for the replies,

            Firstly I am not a new comer.

            Secondly I use to be on this all the time and now as I am working I don't really spend that much time on it any more.

            Thirdly all your names seem new to me.

            Fourthly nice to meet you all.

            Speak to you guys again.

            Enjoying your Bank Holiday ........



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                well honestly.....i've gotten into threads where i've talked to someone...and that is how the rapport begins.

                After that it is only natural people will be more comfortable with the ones they is not done on purpose.

                So keep that in mind...and just gab or gup with anyone...once it doesn't stop.

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                  TRUE TRUE