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want to become primeminister?

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    want to become primeminister?

    After 50 year, we are still there when Quaid Azam used be to alive at that time. What kind of improvement has been done in the view of development of our desi country, Pakistan?
    I cant see any improvement that has great impact on people who are living in Pakistan, unless that we have made the country more corrupt and dangerous place to live (always new story that flaana jagga te bamb pattgia hai. 10 bande afrad hu gene or 30 bande zakmee hu gei) I think we moving in wrong direction. What will you do, if you were primeminister.

    the knowlegde is more sharper than a laserknife.


    hahah shamas ji what a topic
    at one point in my life i did think this way ......infact i worried myself to death trying to figure out how corruption and such unfair rules should be thrown out of the country but now i have stopped thinking cause there is no use for it ....

    no matter what u do the power always lies in the hands of the ppl who like the way things are ........and who wanto to keep the power in their hands so becoming a primeminister is out of the question.......

    But if i do get a chance here is what i do:
    Stop fighting over kashmir and forward the moion for kashmir to become an independant country just like Bangladesh did

    Stop fuedalism

    Stop experimenting with the nuclear devices as its harmful for the environment and the human population

    kick all the afghanis out cause they are doping the nation with herion( man i hate zia for allowing the dopers in the country in the first place)

    Redo the law system and create a new law system in the light of Islam which gives men and women equal rights

    wipe the mullas off the face of the country cause they are no good

    man i can think of millions of things but i think i should give others a chance too plus remember its easier said then done


      To nadia21!

      Because of my bad english i cant express so lovely and very precise and very logically as you do, but i can say that the first few lines and the last line in your message, i agree with you about that.

      Do you think that Imran khan is good candidate for primeminister?



        - Throw Nawaz Sharif and his cronies in jail
        - Finish off the Kashmir problem once and for all by recognizing the line of control.
        - Free the Judiciary from political influence by giving the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court the power to appoint judges in the high court..from which point on..jusges can move to the Supreme Court and to the position off Chief Justice on seniority basis alone.
        - Constitute an IMPARTIAL Anti- Corruption force made up off prominent lawyers,ex judges to probe into all corruption charges since 1990.
        - Put all the corrupt SOB politicians in jail and throw away the key.
        - Constitute a proper Tax Collection agency, and make sure that everyone pays taxes or goes to jail.
        - Put a gag on Qazi Hussain Ahmed's big mouth.
        - Begin development projects in the country's two most under developed and ignored provinces, ie Sind and Balouchistan.
        - Remove all police officers with shady track records. Train all law enforcement officers with the latest techonlogy and methods.

        God, I can go on and on. Which is sad, actually.

        Believe In Angels.



          Please move this thread to politics. It is much more appropriate for that forum since it is discussing how to improve the situation in Pakistan.