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    Lost words

    I remember reading this essay in my 11th grade English book on how some of the words in present literally/media works have been used so much that they have lost their effectiveness and meanings.

    You know, I agree to that. There are many expressions and words that they don't impress me or have any effect to convince me of the content that they are used to advocate for. Yes, there are many of them but I don't remember all of them... as I see them, I sometimes recognize them. Here are few that I can remeber rigth now:

    1- Islam - Believe me, I have no idea what it means. Whenever somebody says something like "This haram in Islam" or "we should live our lives accroding to principles of Islam" etc., I am lost. I have no clue whatsoever about what they mean.

    2- Democracy - Many forms, intertwined, confused, manipulated, deceptive, and meaningless. Whether it exists or not, I am just simply sick of hearing the word.

    3- Peace - in the middle east????

    4- Marriage - This concept is slowly getting oblivious, at least in my mind.

    5- Relationship - As long as it used in Physics, I can grasp it. For any social purposes, I am lost - both mentally and physically.

    6- Ambitions - I am not a teen anymore, can't relate to it. I only want to make more money, that's all.

    7- Love - You know what, don't even go there!

    8- Every single word that is spoken on 'Khabarnama' at 9 'O clock in Pakistan. I have not seen it in a long while but I remeber during the last days of my stay in Pakistan, the only purpose I had to watch 'Khabarnama' was to check out the female news caster to see if it is a new chick or the old one... either way it was fine with me. For male news caster portion of the 'Khabarnama' I used to look at his hair, collar of the shirt, and overall dress with criticizing mind.

    Got any words you are lost on?

    should we add "please" and "sorry" to the list?


      have you noticed the colour of the khabarnama chick's pen always matches her dupatta?

      and that male newscaster was saying a few days ago, "sri lanka nay 136 wickets kay nuksaan pay 4 runs banaye!"



        How About Adding Death in da list?

        Luv N Peace



          You wrote

          " How About Adding Death in da list?


          Luv N Peace "

          You always suprise me with your contradictory statements.

          Death and love N peace..? what Death gota do with Love and Peace..? Or may be you mean that notion of " killing with Love " ..?

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            Faith---- what is it really? our faith in God? our faith that things will get better? faith in relationships?

            sorry--- definately overused, I rarely use it myself and dont believe in it.

            Honesty--- A term that people use for the convience? does it really exist 100%?

            Unconditional love---- Does it really exist?
            cuz I really wanna know

            and the thing I hate most about some american tv shows and their effect is lost on me, is that everything always works out in the end. They have to be the feel good shows if they wanna get their ratings up high.

            Btw I always thought that khabrnama girl's second job was being an airhostess for PIA


              dear nationalist,
              i have a possible relation.
              in pakistan, when one talks about love and peace, he is sentenced to death.



                Thanks for the Info about Pak. Thats a news to me.

                By the way there must be a lot of LOVE and PEACE loving poeple in Pak because everytime
                I read Paki newspapers on the net, there is always a lot of death and distruction going on.


                  Have a nice day.
                  How are you?
                  I'm fine, thank you.

                  Do we actually mean any of the above?

                  No Ambitions? is it that, or that we don't have any set goals anymore?

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                    KG - Goals? That's another good one I have no clue what this word implies.

                    I mean if you look at it, when we are going to high school or college, we are uncertain about our line of work or career. Yeah, everybody wants to have a good career like being a Doctor or an engineer, generally speaking. But most of them don't make it there. So we are mostly uncertain, but yet we have ambitions that whatever it will be, it should be good enough to sustain a comfortable life. So that gives us a sense of ambitions. Being young and fired up... time is on our side. We don't even get fat until the age of 26 and above no matter how much fat we consume!

                    Now comes the graduation and searching for job. Once the job starts, some get married and 'settled down' (ok, add this one to the list as well. What does 'settling down' mean??). Others, who are particularly lazy like me, think about going to grad school but it seems a task bigger than a mountain. Rest of us do actually go to grad school. I don't know who they are. But the point is, in case of FOBs like me, after years of hard work sleepless nights and TV-less weekends, when we graduate and get a white collar job and work for, say, couple of years, things just become so easy, lazy, and routined as compared to what we were used to for past five years. We have this fire burning inside us when we work on gas stations, on a 10pm to 8am shift then straight ahead to school to complete the degree. That fire is our ambitions. We deal with impending survival on day to day basis, working $5/hour. Once you get a job, however, then starts the luxuries of 9 to 5 routined life, and weekends, and national holidays which we don't have any clue about their existence ever before.

                    So you start taking it easy - a lot easy. And that fire starts burning out a little. And you gain weight. So yeah, going to grad school may be a goal, but not an ambition itself. Once you start working towards the goal (I wonder how you pull that off though) then you have new set of ambitions until you graduate - again.

                    So where does life go after that? I have no clue, and no ambitions to find it either beacause beauty of life lies in day to day activities. It's the coffee in the morning, humor shared with coleagues, get together with friends, evening smoking, and Friday basketball. That 'line of work' is pretty much defined. Advancement in career will come as we will grow older and more experienced. New goals and ambitions will regrow as we take another step in life, whatever that may be. But right now, they are in a blank spot. And life is content, so we take easy on the ambitions stuff for a little while. At least I do.

                    Ok, no need for me to see shrink this week.

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                        at last a flicker of happiness and a change of mood ....thanks roman ji ur mind works wonder here are some of the things that i dont understand

                        when does a person really know he is mature
                        it means that u better watch out i will do it again and again .........
                        they never end ....the story goes on and on and on
                        love triangle
                        i dont know how ppl get into a triangle it should be a love circle
                        these days it seems that everone has his own concept of the religion
                        are all regarded as terrorists ....why???????
                        stupid four round fat things jumping up and down saying uh ohhh
                        good morning
                        how can ppl half asleep without breakfast hurrying off to work find anything good about morning

                        felicity unconditional love ...umm u have to experience such a concept to really understand it .....maybe this will make u understand

                        ......there was once a very black and ugly man in the court of a king and he was asked by the king to bring the most beautiful child in the world to the court .....the man goes and brings back his own black and ugly kid and presents the kid to the king ....the king gets mad and gives him another chance ......again the man returns with yet another son of his who is even more dark then the first one the king gets really really mad and asks the man if he has gone crazy or what .......
                        the man says ur majesty in my eyes the most beautiful child in the world is my child ...

                        ???????understood if not then its not ur fault i am not in a good mood today


                          Roman that was excellent.
                          Complacency is not just a characteristic of post grad fobs. It happens with everyone.

                          Especially when what we think are supposed to be most of our goals…are full-filled while certain other goals are unattainable, at the moment. Suddenly, we are at a loss for direction…and just sit and vegetate.


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                            Beautifully put Kash

                            Nadia: You hit the spot with 'Good morning' and 'Soap Opera'.

                            New words for the list:

                            Culture - Don't you guys think (at least in US/West) this is a meaningless word? I mean it is so dynamic and a 'melting pot', do we only use it to spare the burden of elaborating on what we are referring to?

                            Lifestyle - Until past year, I had a clearer idea of this word but now, I am completely lost on it. Does it mean living in suburbs as compared to country-side or it means cleaning your kitchen once a week, after two months?

                            Communication - Do you understand me? No? Good, because that's exactly what it means.

                            Hobbies - Does it mean things I do intentionally or things I do without knowing I am doing intentionally or unintentionally?

                            Enter a password -------
                            Reenter your password ------ - oh, God, no, not again!!!

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                              After a long time, i must say, this is the BEST post i have seen here!
                              This one really makes you think about whats really important...I think we are all becoming cynical with the passing days and major events now seem trivial...what to do, this I don't know, thats just the way it is....

                              Well that is all I have to add, nothing more, nothing less...