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Who knows about the Armish People?

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    Who knows about the Armish People?

    Assalaamu 'alaikum,

    Does anyone know much about the Armish people? I only have a very limited knowledge of them. As far as i'm aware, we don't have any here in the UK, but they do have their communities in the States. Where about in the US are they situated?

    kind regards

    Do u mean armenian?


      Nahee yaar, they're a Christian sect who migrated from Germany (i think) to America. They're quite religious and have many principals they strongly stck to.

      Gee, i hope i spelt it right ... Armish. I'm sorry if i've spelt it wrong, perhaps that's why it could be confusing.

      On second thoughts, you know, you could be right, it could be Armenian. This is what i'd like to find out, along with more of their behaviour, and where in America they could be found.

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        It's AMISH !
        The Amish are a religious group who live in settlements in 22 states and Ontario, Canada. The oldest group of Old Order Amish, about 16-18,000 people live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Amish stress humility, family and community, and separation from the world.
        Amish common bond is a mainly German background. They also have Welsh, English, Scottish, Swiss, and French ancestry.



          If you are talking about Amish people, they have communities within different states such as PA, MD etc etc.

          They are christians but they have their own lifestyle that they follow. They don't use anything that is a product of technological advances. In other words, they don't use cars, electricity... etc etc.

          I hope those are the people u were referring to ... If not, then disregard this post


            We have Amish living in my state. I have the utmost respect for this group. All through the test of time, these folks have managed to contain their civility, heritage and culture. Though they have some rebels within the community, overall they're extremely contained. They preach hard work and refuse to accept what the modern wolrd has to offer.


              The Lancaster county is one of the biggest colony of Amish people as Abdullamalik said. Actually it's about 30 - 40 miles from my place. I heard that Amish people have couple of 'model homes' in their village which reflect they way of life etc and they charge $10 per person to see it around. They get a lot of visitor from all over the US.

              If you want to see some glimpses of how Amish people live then watch the movie 'The Witness' with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. Actually, that movie was shot in Lancaster county here in Pennsylvania.

              According to KashmiriGirl, Amish people have a dutch accent. Or it is called Pennsylvanian Dutch accent. I am curious to hear it though as I have not spoken to any Amish person myself, I just have seen them passing by etc. couple of times.

              Here is an excerpt from Encarta encyclopedia (

              "...Subjected to persecution in Europe, the Amish migrated in the 18th century to Pennsylvania. They then spread into Ohio, other midwestern states, and Canada.
              The Old Order Amish are the most conservative. They dress in a very plain style, using hooks and eyes instead of buttons to fasten their clothes. They ride in horse-drawn buggies, and the adult males wear beards. Marriage with outsiders is condemned. Discipline is enforced by shunning. Other Amish groups are milder in discipline and less set apart from the world, but most Amish refuse to take part in civil affairs, such as voting or serving in the military. The Old Order Amish numbered about 80,800 in the early 1990s; the Beachy Amish about 7000."


                Roman Mian:

                I was thinking about that movie while posting my previous post but couldn;t remember the name.


                  I think the amish are a nice community...they value close family ties, have strong sense of community and lead very simple lives.

                  They also happen to make the best simple american foods and great desserts. Get amish pies if you ever can...awesome.

                  Even their more "modern" counterparts...Mennonites may incorporate more modern conveniences but their religion and perspective is very similar.

                  Oh yeah….and like roman said…they do have Dutch accents…they have their own language. I know I've heard about it.