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Anyone know any good Pakistani Dramas?

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    Anyone know any good Pakistani Dramas?

    Assalaamu 'alaikum,

    Does anybody have any suggestions for good Pakistani dramas? I have some old ones at home, but i've gone through them.

    I don't mind if they're old or new, as long as they're descent. oh, and also, can you please be kind enough to give a short description to what kind of drama it is. For example, comedy, serious, romance, thriller, mystery etc.

    Some of the ones i've seen a long time ago, i can't remember their names, but the ones i recall are:

    Dhoop Kinary
    Nadaan Nadia
    Sanyaarei Dil (i think) - about the army.

    well, that's about it.

    I'll be most grateful for your responses.

    kindest regards


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      Galat forum jeee

      Its Sunehre din

      Alfa bravo charlie - Amry
      Dhooan - well aap khud hi dekh lena
      Maarwi - Sindh culture ke bare mein ahem
      Doosra Aasmaan -
      Zehr baad -

      Aur agar yeh thread band na hui to aur bohut se names likh saqti hoon



        ahhhhhh hasnain ji pakistani dramas they are so loooooooooooooong but very interesting .......well the latest ones that i watched and those that were really really good were
        1. panchwaan moosam
        umm its not comedy but very interesting
        2. paranda
        once again not comedy but goooooooooood
        3. andherey dareechay
        i am still trying to finish it but so far
        the cast is very good and so is the story
        4. zaharbad
        also quite interesting but no comedy
        5. hum bhi wohi tum bhi wohi
        comedy mix serious with dilchisp cast

        well i cant think of anymore i dont have time to watch but i then too make time cause some are very interesting better then the soap operas .....i have been watching young and restless for so many years i still havent figured out who is young and who is restless


          Yeak I know one - it was on army life and I swa it on and off while I was in pakistan last year. It was called ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE.



            You know this topic belongs in the shor sharaba section....come on now.