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First thing you do when you turn on the Computer

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    First thing you do when you turn on the Computer

    Well...what exactly is the first thing you do when you turn your computer on?

    When I log into my computer, first thing I do is check my e-mail. My projects and assignments usually come via e-mail. Then, I go to Dawn to see what pakistan is upto. Then I goto Gupshup to search for interesting postings. All this is done while I am sipping my mug of chai.

    After this headstart of information overload, I start my work. Usually after an hour of first signing on.

    Uncle SARGUM JI........

    I don't remember I turn ON my computer ages ago....uss ka baud say bund hi nahiN kiya

    as always
    the one and only
    meow! meow! meow!


      it interesting how little things can be made into great topics for discussion...well u should first ask what i do before i turn on my laila..(thats my nick for my pc) well bhai ji i put the kiddies to bed ...vooosh..thats a lot of work ..then i turn off the lights put on some music grab a can of pepsi ..ooooooo yes pepsi is must ...then i log on ..uuuuummmmmmm check my mail ...go check my guestbook then on my projects or try to work on my site ....after that i surffffffffffffffffff ............


        ...I log on...get onto icq, and mIRC and then check my mail while doing that
        22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


          I log on to the computer. Check my e-mail, launch ICQ (to check for IMs) and check here.


            Salaam Ghalib bhai,

            Umm ... i normally also check my emails first, unless it's 08:30 when i get to work ...

            By thw way, what is 'Dawn' might i ask?

            kindest regards



              Ghalib jee aap ki shuruat mere jaisi hi hai, main sirf Jang and Milat main hazari deti hoon

              Hasnain jee Dawn newspaper hai



                Ghalib Yar,

                I do a "line".


                  hmmm...lets see...


                  I don't like readin the Tabloid-esque newspapers like milat and even Jang. I find Dawn to be extremely professional when it comes to Journalism. I guess I am picky about it because I used to be the editor for my HS paper.


                  Pepesi? woph bhi subha subha??.. I have trouble drinking sodas in the afternoon, let alone morning.


                    Without exception I have to check Pak.Org server farm health report. Its updated every 30 mins. Lately, the number of hits has increased almost two times.

                    After a sigh of relief, I check my emails and GUPSHUP and other related stuff. As with everyone else, kaam ke batian to baad main bhee hote rahingee. emails and personal stuff comes first at job!



                      ghalib ji not subah subha .....sham sham i have two kids so i logon after they go to bed otherwise i have two curious minds peeking from behind and twenty digits invading my keyboard.........
                      and as for Pepsi anytime is Pepsi time for me


                        hmm.. E-mails..Gupshup, and a few newspapers, Danish and English ( Dawn is a must)..which either makes or breakes my day..

                        But these days Im also checking Cricket updates. Takes about an 1 hour which either makes or breakes my day..

                        Twice a day I have to check the KFX-Index. ( shares ) ... which either makes or breakes my day..


                          Check email.
                          Check gupshup. (ofcourse!!)
                          Check chowk/rag chat to see if anyone else is on....and decide if i want to chat with them (seriously...time flies when i start chatting)
                          Check my stocks (a couple times a week)


                            i do n't urn my computer off .
                            funny is n't it?
                            but it's true .


                              Check mail, check the forum, check the cricket newz, turn on all the chat programmez i have and chat with friendz only if they r on-line. Bas itna hi.