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    Short fuse

    Im so edgy these days. It must be the University exam pressure. What can I do?
    I have been so short fused recently. I get ****ed off so easily with the slightest of offenses.

    I need to relax. I suppose thats why I come here.

    Physical exertion/exercise often proves to relieve stress and takes the edge off our moods....

    Try it.


      yazoo its not uncommon to feel that way in todays world u are probably much better then i am i get angry at everything for no obvioous reason .....pity on ppl associated with me may god bless them


        I agree with Muzna....exercise does help.

        You could also try yoga..(my fav. stress reducer)

        Another thing is take time off for yourself. Take a mental health day or half a day. Relax...take a bubble bath, sit outside and breath the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine, eat some great ice cream...anything. Just take care of yourself and don't burn yourself out.


          Thank you so much for your comments.
          I already do chin-ups every morning. I nearly destroyed my right wrist in the process. That doesn't normally happen. Usually I drive fast on the Motorway above the limit. (The limit in the UK is 70mph on the Motorways (roughly 112.7 km/h). I wont say how fast I go, just in case.

          I think I just need to keep myself from burning myself out as K pointed out.

          Once again thanks for your comments. Actually my main ease of tension is when I come here.