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I Hate New Guppshupp Graphic Sign

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    I Hate New Guppshupp Graphic Sign

    Dear Admins,

    I hate new Guppshupp Graphic Sign.

    Who decided on this stupid looking sign? It is ugly. I much prefer the older one. Ideally, it should have been a few folks sitting on a Daree (a big cotton rug) chatting and smoking Hukas or something. The new signs looks like a mixture between monkeys hanging on a tree and a 70s disco scene. So un-Pakistani. Please try another design. The guppo society will appreciate if their input is sought in making changes to stuff like that in the future.

    Best wishes,

    Fraternally yours,


    NY mian I agree. I am trying to start a bloody revolution to get the admin out and assume control J
    This new graphics thingie will be at the center of my political agenda.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      I'm with you two.....

      So it's okay to put it up for a while...but we definitely need something more pakistani...

      How about a parosan on one side of the wall listening in on a conversation happening at her neighbours' place......or, or, or....


        I don't like this logo either. I find the english letters so unattractive. I'm not one to read much in urdu, but I liked those urdu letters FAR more than these. And that "Have fun!" thing is kind of tacky too.


          Count me in too.....i don't like the colors........

          Luv N Peace


            Any others?

            How about some suggestions? Lets see how creative YOU can be? Read the post 'Analyze this' and see for youself what this logo is about and who put it there. You will learn to appreciate.


              Yes I am with you all on this one. I don't like it at all. And I agree with Yaqoob the urdu title for Gup Ghup was much better. We need a much much more Pakified logo. I'm thinking of ideas......
              Oh and I have read the "Analyze this" thread which helped me tolerate this logo for a few days but certainly still does't help me appreciate it

              Thanks for listening
              Ciau for now


              [This message has been edited by Shabnam (edited May 21, 1999).]


                you guys are kidding!
                i can not believe this .
                it's so colorful all of you can read english
                as most of you are against it .

                but i think it depends on the sort of people admin is dealing with
                like if you do n't even know what deri is
                and you know this that why you have to explain this then whats the point in putting up some thing no one knows
                i rekon what you guys are doing here
                is a perfect example of TC(S) that one mod supported you and all of you started


                  I am with NYahmadi, we need something liek ppl smoking hukas sitting on the daree or teh floor and talking, its represent our heritage more


                    Azkar jee aap ne ise agar change kerna hai, to phir Muzna jee ka idea zabadast hai

                    NY Ahmadi jee Daree and huka to males ko represent kare ga...female ko kaise phir??

                    C'on ppl itna cute sa to hai yeh logo..I specially love those two jo 'ghaRa' paar kerne mein help ker rahe hain..I mean logo mein



                      Yeah the logo, as i have said earlier in the thread *Analyze this*, is not fit here!

                      I think the logo should be replaced by some sober type of logo that can match the page.

                      Note: rest of the page gives a good look, so it wont be better if u change the page just for that childish logo.

                      I think u should give a chance to ur members(who are interested in finding out the logo).
                      Give them a dead-line for the submission of logo.
                      Then have a voting session, ask ur all members to vote the logo about which they think is aproppriate for the page.
                      The one which have more votes(specially by me ) should be added to the page.
                      The founder should be awarded the words of appreciation.

                      Plus, plez let the members add the images with their posts!


                        how bout ppl against a wall eating paan with paan pit marks on the wall, to represent the rea pakistanis


                          How about a bunch of guys sitting on the footpath (i.e. sidewalk) chatting, one is holding a cricket bat, one may be smoking and one is drinking frooto. There is a qulfi wala in the background to the left, some kites flying and some girls standing on the roof of a nearby house talking.

                          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                            ....and add to that.... some guys standing infront of a girls college!!! smoking, honking, and getting a puff out of hairs!!!

                            Now that completes the picture...


                              or yay bhi add karay k side walks pay para
                              hoowa KOORAY ka dhair

                              IQRA BISM RUB