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Gadha (Khota/Donkey)

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    Gadha (Khota/Donkey)

    Ik merE man wich khial aia: Why is gadha associated with stupids? Is the donkey family really that brainless? I personally think they are humble.



    JE tusiN khota vi keh dittaN taN sanu gussa nahiN lagega. Tuhade chhittar (juttiaN/shoes) te sada sir (head). Thanks for the title though.

    Allah Talla Bhali KarE.


      sounds kaafi ghusa ghusa tay kourra kourra
      main tou mazaq ker rahi thi,waisay waqaee
      souchnay wali baat hay k yay gadhay baycharay
      tou kissi ko kuch nahi kahtay,bas ghusa charay tou pichli tangain use kertay hain
      ub her jaandaar ki tarha in ko bhi ghusa
      nikalnay ka haq tou hay,lakin yay jab ghusa nikaltay hain tou kissi say poochtay nahi
      bas shuroo hou jatay hain,shayed issi leay log issay gadha/khouta kahtay hain

      OR AKE OR BAAT kissi ko kabhi ser pau jootay marnay wali ijazet na dejeay ga,koee waqaee main marnay wali mill gaee tou log kahay gay
      oyee too khouta c jou jootay marnay ki offer ki GHUSA NA KERNA



        Jat Jee,
        I think its along the same lines as an Ullu(owl) is considered stupid, even though its suppose to be quite smart. But my personal opinion is that donkey's are kinda stupid, maybe I was internalized that way


          ullu's are associated with some bad thing happening in south asia. ullus are not supposed to be good teachers. i am a ullu ka pattha and i am not happy with my education.



            Gussa tE oh wi tuhadiaN gallaN da. NahiN ji kadE ho hi nahiN sakda. Meri peshkash taN ik ijjat da ishara si.

            Han Felicity ji, wicharE Ullu da wi ki kasoor?

            Khair. The question still remains regarding both these species.



              in some cultures owl is considered smart. in south asia he has bad reputation.

              donkey is from the same family as horse or zebra.
              the only bad thing noticed about donkey is that this fellow is quite lazy.
              BTW, donkey is quite loving and friendly animal, especially to kids and handicapped. there is a program in UK in which donley wals with the handicapped guys. he does not kick or bite kids and handicapped.
              donkey does not have a good voice but still better than some rock singers.


                A donkey also has a soothing effect on horse in pain - that is why, a donkey is placed in a stable next to a horse in pain.
                The donkey is often considered 'stupid' because the animal, at times, can be very stubborn - 'stubborn as an ass' and when the donkey is stubborn - he does not pay much attention to his masters and that sometimes gets intrepreted as 'stupidity'.


                  Dear Adbulmalick,

                  What a price for being patient! Being called stupid, it definitely is not a fun thing.

                  Rab Rakha.


                    Yeah Jat! As they say Life is an 'ass' !


                      Seriously, Talmudic teachings and literature provides guidelines on how to appropriately "dress" an Ass. It was the most preferred mode of transportation in Biblical times. Huzrat Musa always rode his Khota with both legs on one side, just like how women sit on the back of a Vespa Scoter in Pakistan. It is also said that when Hazrat Musa went to Tur-e-Sina (mount Sanai) , he rode his Khota half way, and parked it on the foothill.

                      So Khota does have some history, and he is not all that Khotay da Putar afterall.

                      I personally agree with you Jat, it is a humble animal. Khoti can be a little bit "moody" at times because of PMS and stuff.