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    Gamma's Diary

    3rd of march

    Dear diary,

    today i finally got sleep in a long long time. Slept around 8 in the morning for 2 hours and then in the afteroon from 2 to 7.

    i skipped the 9 am chem lecture, went to 10 am mechanics of solids lecture and then to calculas class where i didnt understand a thing and waited impatiently for the lesson to end. well came back and slept

    woke up and went out to just buy random stuff and had food at a resturant and came back and prepared for philosphy presentation for 2morrow... i hope it goes well.

    thats about it... thank u for listening to me O 3 pounds of dead cellulose.

    hamein to apno ne loota gheron mein kahan dam tha....mera scooter wajja wahaan jahaaN rashh kamm tha......

    Its 4th of March here... seems like ur day is pretty predictable.. isnt it?! i wonder about the random stuff though? what really did u buy ?!?! ... no time for exercise?!?! thats weird.. u shoudl go out sum more... hmm... i guess i better shut up now.. u can live ur life as u want... i just thought i should speak my mind ... thanks for readin.. Ciao
    Looking for fishes....<}}}><


      Itne kam neend kyon bhai?
      Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.


        gamma, wait till u r a senior

        phir u will have the attitude of bas khayr he...assignment deadlines pe matti pao....i NEED sleep paawein jo ho jayay

        i used to pull all nighters one over other freshman yr ab toh jaga hi naheen jata

        khayr, dont be , these are the best days of ur life, seriously

        enjoy but get some sleep will ya bro


          Yes. We call it the thand lagao attitude here btw
          Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.


            *Qrius puts her glasses over the nose*

            *and tells gamma like a teacher*

  'll get bored if you keep writing your diary like this..

            i'll give you 7/10 for now :-)


              Dear Diary,

              I saw Gamma at the pharmcay in the afternoon today. He looked flustered when he saw me and hid what he was holding behind his back. It was weird. Then he grinned clumsily and backed into the shelf containing the cold medication. I blinked and the next thing I saw was him on the floor covered with cough syrup. He slurped the syrup off his chin and grinned at me again. Silly child, I thought to myself. I helped pick his disheveled self up off the floor. As I watched him lick the medication off his sleeves and swallow a few aspirins, I caught a glimpse of what he was hiding in his palm, it was laxatives. I pretended I hadn't seen anything and while he grinned profusely at everyone we passed by, I led him out of the aisle. Later I bought him a pack of gummy bears and left him at the dry cleaners. Hope he got home on his own.

              Rest of the day went by quietly, had dinner with M., worked on my math assignment with B., and now I'm ready to pass out. Later Diary.

              Signed: hayaa