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Baby Names ? can you help ?

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    Baby Names ? can you help ?

    I need to know of some cool trendy names for either a boy or a girl !
    If there are any good websites out there please send me a link. Thanks

    Some people have named there son Jibreel ..after the angel, or even mikail
    I always thought that the name Azrael would be cool... the angel of death :>
    so much so that since I use my middle name..i.e. Kamal and not the first name
    but the initial "A", when people ask me what the A stands for I usually tell
    them Azrael....definitely an ice breaker.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



      In guys Taha is a beautiful name , i believe it came from surat-e-taha.
      My personal fav bilal , i suggested this name to my sis as she is expecting a baby in july.
      Rabab which means white cloud for girls is a keeper.


        Here is a site for you.


          I also need to know some nice names for my nice /nephew to be.

          Yours one and only
          MOON.......MANO BILLI

          meow! meow! meow!


            If I'd had a girl I think I'd have named her one of my personal favourites: Laeeq, Shahana, Iqbal or Firdaus.

            For boys, Bilal is still a great favourite of mine, also Kamaal, Aatish, Faraaz and Kumail.


              salaam Shabs jee,

              Names of Prophets and their wives or one of Allaah's names with 'Abdul' in front of it are good ones to choose from. Similarly names of companions and their wives.

              Some names for boys could be: Abdus-Sammi, Ilyas, Aadam, Ee'sa, Umar, Ussaamah, Abdullaah, Idris, Yousuf ... oh and not forgetting Hasnain *smiles*

              Incidentally, that's not my real name. An uncle of mine in Peshawar named his adorable son Hasnain, Masha'Allaah. The name belonged to one of the companions, and i very much like it.

              Umm ... oh yes! Almost forgot! Possible names for girls could be: Aa'ishah, Zainab, Khadeejah, Aalia, Haajira, Aamina, Safia, Aasma.

              There are many more nice names out there, some of which have already been named above.

              I really liked the name 'Sulaiymaan Ee'sa', what Imran & Jemima Khan named their son, Masha'Allaah.

              kind regards


                some good girls name is SAIMA.....AMBREEN...HINA.....ERUM....YASMIN..SALMA ...NAIKLARKI(just kidding)..naraz mat ho na.....FARHAT...NADIA

                some good boys name...

                ASIF...KAMRAN.....SHAHID...SHAUKAT.....RAZA.....IR ONMAM(just kidding)..naraz mat ho na......NAQI....BABAR...HUMAYUN...NAWAZ.......


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                  Some good names include


                  Rania, Amaal, Ruwaida, Nusaiba, Fatima, Aisha, Yusra, Yumna, Maha, Amna, Asma, Yasmeen, Maryam and Saima


                  Esam, Yusuf, Yahyah, Hisham, Ziyad, Hamzaa, Usamah, Muhsin, Ehsan, Ehtesham, Qasim, Yasir, Umar, Nabil, Farooq and Imran





                      For boys:

                      Khushee Mohammad
                      Nazeer Jamal
                      Basheer Sajid
                      Rasheed Iftikahr

                      For girls:

                      Alla Rakhee
                      Nasim Bibi
                      Jamila Begum
                      Shamim Bano


                        Don't name as 'happy', 'lucky', 'jolly', 'dimple', 'simple, 'pimple' ,'pinky','dolly'!

                        Rest all names are fine.


                          I really like the names Aaliyah and Zubair. If I had a son I would call him Xubair (yes with an X), and if I had a daughter she would be Aaliyah of course. Thats all way into the future though.

                          Hey how about my real name? My real name is Iyyaz. OK some say it should be Ayyaz, but it was registered with an I, so I cant do anything now.

                          I like the name Xack but Im not sure whether that would be acceptable. Im told it sounds American. Never mind.


                            Re: Baby Names ? can you help ?

                            Girls: Iqarah Ruqhaya Anila Nimrah Mehreen

                            Boys: Zain ive heard of my cousin there is a name Amaar Aown Yasin.
                            Ya Nabi Salaam Alaika Ya Rasool Salaam Alaika Ya Habib Salaam Alaika.


                              Re: Baby Names ? can you help ?

                              My choice is :...

                              Anmol and Arman

                              traditional ...

                              Ali and Anam/ Aaliya as suggested above
                              Life is straight as a jalebi, sweet yet...Twisted!