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My neighborhood mailman needs to retire!

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    My neighborhood mailman needs to retire!


    Just found a neighbors mail (bills) in my front yard..from about a week ago!!

    Soaking the melting snow.

    mmm..should I call the post office? or just call the neighbor?

    <~~~ Don't wanna get the mailman in trouble..!!!

    Open the enveloppe, and pay the bill....



      I thought about that...but i don't wanna.

      But what if I return to sender?....They'd have to send a couple new bills right?

      So give em a couple more weeks to pay maybe?

      Those bills were buried in the snow in my front yard..and these people don't even live really that close to me....don't even know em even.


        #4 least you didn't find them in the sewer as is often the case back home
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          hmmmm y don't u just pass da letterz(billz) from under there door wid some note attached sayin k some passer by has noticed da mail n 4warded
          i know it's kindda lyin
          but it'll work na

          I said na


            Send them back to the issuing authority...and if you can't afford the hassle.....bury them a lil deeper this time around (i mean the bills..not the mailman)

            Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.


              The mail should be in water proof envelopes. If we can send people to mars, I am sure we can come up with a solution to this problem.
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                Just call the neighbour, or put the letters in their box.
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