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A million maggot bites

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    A million maggot bites

    What do u want? please tell me. We were once friends... then more than friends then u had to go with him. Didnt i bloody tell you he was only intrested in meat nothing more. Now u realise it and you want me back too. ? UR a slut... a bitcch... a prostitute... i have had it with you. I am sick and tired of you playing with me ... i wanna do horrible things to u ... i dont like you... and the part of me that does like you for i dont know what ... i loathe it. its not me that likes you... i would never fall for you... never...

    Your just like them... a maggot.. crawling ..creeping upand down on a piece of meat.. ur lust grows ... ur thirst for flesh attracts you to me... u just want bites... bites of my body... u dont want me... you dont want me... u want my meat.... SLUT!
    hamein to apno ne loota gheron mein kahan dam tha....mera scooter wajja wahaan jahaaN rashh kamm tha......

     Gamma Dilation craziness chart
         10|         /
     c    9|        /
     r    8|       /
     a    7|      /
     z    6|     /
     i    5|    /
     n    4|   /
     e    3|  /
     s    2| /
     s    1|/______
          0 1      2
    From the above graph, one can see that the subject, Gamma Dilation, has had an increase in craziness on the commonly used 1 to 10 scale over his 2000+ posts. This can be considered disturbing and can only be fixed after many years in an asylum.

    j/k, man I really enjoy your posts
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