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Paying back one tenth of a dollar

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    Paying back one tenth of a dollar

    Recently i was in "saddar" one of the busiest market here in karachi with a friend. He was looking to a buy a new cell phone. Beleive me its a rushy place, full of polution, populated as there is no room to put even a foot somewhere, u wouldnt wana go there unless u really have something to do there.

    But when i thought we were done with his shopping & wanted to go back home he said hold on, i have something else to look for, ...well okay i was walking behind him. He started to speak with those shop keepers (well not exactly shop keepes but the ones who sell things on roads, foot paths) he was looking for someone by name & asking where can he find that guy. It was too rushy to ask him details at that time but when we setteled down in car for our way back i asked him about it.

    He said last year i bought a Cell phone cover from the guy & becos i didnt had a change the guy said "panch rupey jab next time aao tu de dena" it was my next time, i had to return those 5 rupees. Even that shop keeper was like he didnt remeber.

    for 5 rupees (almost more than one tenth of a dollar) he remebered the guy with name & return it on his next time there. Made me think, & i couldnt say anything but shake my head in apreciation.

    While rest of the world was busy mating I was Moderating Cafe and lost my jawani.

    I am also shaking my head - in disbelief that you would put such crap here.



      But really I think he should have given him an extra Rs.5.00 for making him wait a whole friggin year! But then again atleast he had the courtesy to return it. Better late than never. Funguy you are mean and discouraging. I take back the haha's.


        Your friend must B an amazing guy with a conscience the size of Pacific ocean.

        log to dekh ke bhi ignore kar jatey hain @ times.

        may allah bless him for his actions!


          Subhanallah! Your friend really is an amazing person.
          The Pakistani Brain of the Austria (formerly known as "The Pakistani Brain of UAE")