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    Online Purchases

    Internet has opened a whole new frontier for all of us. I wanna discuss shopping online. How many of us here make purchases online?

    There are tremendous deals to be found on the internet. I usually use the site to search the best prices avialable online. This site's search engine checks a group of online suppliers and sorts the results in an ascending price order. You can type in the product name and it will find it, or search from product groups.

    Care to share your online shoping secrets?

    Good thread Ghalib ji. I just bought tickets for the whole family on internet for an upcoming visit to Chicago. The best price that many travel agents were giving me was $357 while American Trans Air had a big advertised sale where it was $298+taxes, But at http:/ I bid for $220+taxes and got the tickets which is considerably very cheap. I also got the schedule I wanted(preffered).

    I have bought books from Amazon before but that is no cheap than bookstore when you consider the shipping charges.

    I hope to find some more places on Internet for a thrifty shopping.



      yaar.... I used when they first came out. Tried three time, never got the price I wanted to pay. Maybe cause I was being cheap.

      That William Shatner voice on the phone wasn;t much appealing either.


        I've purchased books online via Amazon and
        find it a lot easier than going to the

        Amazon is a lot cheaper here in the UK for
        technical books. I've found savings of around 30% for some books which is quite
        substantial. In addition user comments
        in Amazon are very helpful.

        Farouq Taj.