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senior members???

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    senior members???

    seems like the admin is determined to continue segrating the pak membership....
    As at last count it looks likes we have the following order
    Senior Members
    Junior Members

    whats next?

    What would you like next? We're always looking to please.....


      As posted in Guestbook, its our way of making the members happy. The only difference we have now is that members have become 'Senior'

      Someone suggested that we should replace the word member by GupBaz or Guppie or Bari-Bari-Chronay-wala/wali ,etc. Any more suggestions? haha :->



        Everyone should be called 'Member' period.


          How is our membership decided? I've just realised that I am a senior member.

          Im impressed! One thing is for sure - I dont intend on leaving this place.


            My error ... there are no members ... just juniors or seniors

            well what i have a problem with is that by putting these prefixes it some how implies that one is better/more knowledgeable/more active than the other.... The net is such a place that you can if you so desire to have any presonallity ... so why put divisons in it.... though i think i would much rather go with the suggestions azkar gives... they are much mroe fun than been called a junior member aka a newbiee or a senior member (which makes me feel like a 60 yr old looking for discounts).... perhaps the administration could have several membership levels based on posts (as is the case right now) but then give the members who qualify several different options at each level to select the one they most like,.... that way if someone prefers to be called a senior member then thats great... but he/she might have the option fo selecting from like GupBaz or Guppie etc etc


              re Admin

              by teh way

              how about a marriage/and related issues section... i thot that is the biggest issue discussed on the Gupshup

              by teh way i am always wondering? how does one pregress from senior to moderator or administrator? or are those positions only for the people who set up the site .

              Ps. for whoever did set up this site ... its great... thank you..(many people use the site but i dont think most bother about the person/people who actually keep it going)... great work!!!


                Another explanation - (still one more time!)

                The term 'junior' is for the protection of our regular members. Say a discussion is going on and some one jumps right into it and starts making funny remarks. If itís a new member, you will know. True, seniors may make those comments as well, but chances are they will be more knowledgable and at least will know how this board works.

                Once a member has posted about 31 messages, the status is changed to senior. It used to be member only.

                Shadi Biyah section is coming very soon. GupShup Director is working very hard to finalize the details. Itís going to be a mega addition to our list of forums.

                People who have demonstrated exceptional interest in GUPSHUP or are willing to help AND have contributed at least 200 posts are considered for the post of a mod. All of our Mods have volunteered their time and none works for Pak.Org. This is to ensure a non biased healthy environment.

                Two people hold the post of GUPSHUP Administrator right now: our GUPSHHUP Director, Muzna Khan and myself. MK oversees all policy issues and is the supreme authority in selecting and assigning Mods to their respective forums. Sheís a very hard working lady and we believe until she quits, it would be impossible to find her substitute. Please contact her [email protected] if you think you can do a Mods job.


                  Hey mod: a question from me; is this site some how related to some Pak government department or being regulated by any Pak govt. ministries??
                  Second, as you said Shadi bhiay forum is under constrution, Well how about a section for science/tech. specially about computer related topics, say if any one needs some sorta tech support, or trouble shoot hints, computer shopping tips kinda things,or discussing current industry trends, cuz I've observed many of members here are really experts in these fields and can be helpful to other too.
                  well it just came to my mind, just a suggestion....any comment/feedback????



                    The TOPP site is not sponsored by government at any level. Nor is there any outside regulation other than that of the TOPP board members.

                    About the science and tech section....before a new section is added to the list we'd like to see the need. That means, let's see how many threads actually have been or are running in other sections that rightfully belong in such a forum.

                    I suggest that you use the General section in the meanwhile and show us what kind of interest sparks.

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                      The TOPP site is sponsored by a non profit group which foots the bill and pays for all the systems, fees and salaries etc.

                      The current going salary for a Mod is $24K, not bad for part time work. If you are interested in applying for it please contact Azkar or Muzna directly, since I am not involved in day to day running of the place.
                      Following is a brief list of requirements.

                      1) Fluent in Urdu and English.
                      2) Minimum Academic standing as a Junior in an accredited university.
                      3) Minimum GPA considered is 3.0 There are exceptions to the GPA policy, e,g, Umar Talib.
                      4) We need 3 letters of references, preferably from an employer or supervisor.
                      5) We prefer that you have authorization to work in USA and/or Canada, we do make exceptions but in limited cases we have sponsored people in past. ( we will soon open up a European office and can offer mod positions to European citizens & residents as well. This should start fall 1999)
                      6) You must sign a 1 year contract with the company, you are meanwhile free to pursue any other full time job or school as long as you are putting about 20 hrs/week towards the web site.
                      7) JAVA, HTML and general UNIX troubleshooting experience helpful but not required.

                      Once the application is received, the Mod team reviews each applicant and notifies them of their eligibility. We accept new applications once each quarter, the deadline for mod applications for the starting date of July 1, 1999 is on MAY 31, 1999. In the event that you are accepted for a mod position but a forum is not available, you can either propose to start a new forum which will be run on a trial basis for one month or you can choose to be placed on a retainer which means we will contact you as soon as a forum needs a new mod or a new forum is created. For the mod positions starting July 1, we currently have 2 unfilled positions, My own and Bossí forums will need new mods.

                      If you feel that you meet or exceed these requirements, and have a desire to contribute towards the promotion of your country on the web, and at the same time earn some extra cash. Contact Azkar or Muzna directly.

                      Good Luck.

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                      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                        Mr. Fraudia,
                        Interested in knowing who the non-profit group that funds this website is, and what it receives in return?
                        Continued best wishes,


                          Chalo jee....

                          Ab jawab do Fraudiyay....




                            The group that fundsw this side is a pakistani organization which is thought to
                            be dead but in fact is just underground for the time being. its the halla Gulla party,
                            most technical support is given by the
                            student wing of the party which is known as
                            HALAKU i.e. Hoot And Laugh Association of
                            Karachi University.

                            Our not so hidden agenda is waste people's time and spread teh germs of aggravation
                            and bayzari.

                            which I think I just did..

                            down with everyone, down with teh world/...

                            the future rests in pungay baazi, halla gulla and awara gardi...

                            Three cheers for fRaudia..

                            hip hip..
                            nyah.. too tired to start the rally right now.
                            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                              Okay maybe Fraudia is jesting but who pays
                              for the upkeep of this site ? Is it a handful
                              of individuals ?

                              I think your all doing a fantastic job.

                              Well done.

                              Farouq Taj.