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Everyone read this and u will know what Rubiya does to ppl who dare to comment her

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    Everyone read this and u will know what Rubiya does to ppl who dare to comment her

    well folks i thought this was a free place to download whatever is on the mind after a long hard day i had fun reading up topics and commenting on them too butthis is outragoues..... Now i understand that a topic is put up so that ppl can discuss and tell their tht is what i was doing... but i get an anonymous email and it went like this i am pasting it down below after that i will never return to such a degrading place no wonder pakis evrywhere are considered as downcasts so after i post up this message i am saying my tata ..i could have been quite and ignored it but no this is outrageous so gbye and to u rubiya i should say u have some nerve to write such degrading things in an email which my husband read and thought ur some piece of slut to use such filthy language....i take pity on ur parents ..
    so folks here is the email
    Hey cunt,

    You keep your mouth shut when it comes to Rubiya. Understand?
    Otherwise, you'll feel a 10 inch rod up your tight lil a** and trust me,youll hurt. F*&^ around again and Ill F*&^ YOU UP THE A&* AND THROW YOU OVER THE BRDIGE'.

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    Laa haul wala...
    I think, I'd better stick around in Politics and Religious sections, where there's more constructive and healthy environment for learning, debate and discussion.


      Nadia do not be discouraged by obscene
      e-mails. Simply ignore them or
      alternatively never disclose your e-mail
      to anyone you don't know.

      There are plenty of immature people out

      Disclosing the contents of such an e-mail
      will only excite them further.

      Farouq Taj.


        Nadia some people have serious problems.
        They cant stand it when other people speak there mind out. U know for people who are outspoken they have it hard everywhere. The best thing is to continue speaking out and totally snubbing these little rats.
        Well i hope she did'nt discourage u from coming here.??
        Ma salam



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            nadia jee i agree with farouk taj, chala mai ap say mafi mang ta hoon doosra ke ghalti ka,give a big smile and join in again,just dont care about those character.....



              Or you can turn off the e-mail option so members cannot send you any e-mail - good or bad.


                Nadia - Ever thought if the message was not actually written and sent by Rubiya? Unless the return address of the e-mail indicates Rubiya's address as shown in her profile here on Gup Shup, there are strong chances that it could be someone's vicious effort for his/her own dark motives.

                In your message, you called the message you received "anonymous email". How can it be anonymous if it says "Rubiya" in it? And if someone will send you a message like that what are the chances that that person would write the name so boldly?

                I don't know much about Rubiya, but from what I know of her from her posts, she does not seem like a person using such a language and sending out such e-mails - And definitely not someone who will idiotically put her name right in such an e-mail.... Unless, the return address on the mail indicates her address, I would be very doubtful. It's upto you to decide if that's the case or not.

                Hey, for all I can think, it could very well be someone who is very prejudice towards women so came up with this vile scheme to raise conflict among two of the women who seem to speak of their rights. Or it could be someone who had a conflict with you recently, and blah, blah, blah...

                Unless the return address is that of Rubiya's, I would be very suspicious....


                  Just a couple of points....

                  - Anyone that has the nerve to write such filth, threaten and hide is not worth the effort it takes to even start a thread. This gives them the attention they are craving.

                  - If the email is anonymous, how can you accuse Rubiya of writing it? What proof have you that she actually wrote it? Have you traced the email and have you issued the appropriate complaints to the originating ISP? If you have not done the above then you are in fact, behaving in no better fashion than the person that performed this stupidity.

                  On a personal note....I will bet my life that Rubiya did not write that.


                    Nadia ji,

                    Even in the nature of madness, one shouldn't let go of reasoning and logic. What Muzna have mentioned previously is precisely what you should have done. Its very easy to blame someone without verifying it, but its certainly not smart or decent. I think you are mature enough to realize that anyone could have pulled this trick. I believe you are new on this Gupshup. I can guaranteedly assure you that Rubyia is among a few Gupshupers who can never stoop to the level of decency or lack of it that was displayed in that email.

                    P.S. One of the mottos of life, "Never be so hasteful in issuing a judgement, that you will regret it later on"...


                      i have read a couple of rubiya's posts and i can bet my last penny -taht she did the e mail was not from her ..after all its annoymous right..she comes across as a cultured and sensible woman..think about it.
                      imranz and muzna,
                      good advice,,we can do with more ppl like u guyz

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                        i have read a couple of rubiya's posts and i can bet my last penny -taht she did the e mail was not from her ..after all its annoymous right..shecomes across as a cultured and sensible woman



                          What muzna, farooq taj, roman and imranz stated is correct.

                          Taking these kinds of emails seriously gives them more attention than they are worth.

                          Things like this happen all the time. There a high percentage of idiots on the web who do this....the best thing to do is ignore .