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Goodbye hanie...... :(

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    Goodbye hanie...... :(

    ab tum is tarha baghair bataaey ghaaeb hojaao gi? Is ka khuwaab-o-khayal meN bhi nahiN tha! Aisi kia baat hogai to aik dam say tum nay soch liya keh tum yahaN nahiN aao gi jab tak haalaat sahi nahiN hojaatey? Kuch kaha hota, kuch bola hota..... khair jab tak nahiN aati ho jab tak hum tumhaarey aur tumhaarey haalaat kay liey dua kareN gay.

    Good luck hanie and I hope you find you way back here soon. Till then, take care and we'll be waiting for you.

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      Hijar main khoon rulatay ho kahaan hotay hoo
      Loat kar koyoon nahi atay hoo kahan hotay hoo


        hanie!best of luck yar

        take care of urself

        may Almighty Allah be with you alwayz ameen sum ameen

        Insha-Allah haalaat zaroor behter hoangey tumharey

        Allah Hafiz
        wants to become a clairvoyant!!!!!


          why are people saying 'bye'

          She didn't leave, she's just not that frequent
          Save Pakistan.


            So, she is infrequent? That was true lately. But she's gone now. Gone! and I hope for the time being. Waapis aajaao, hanie! Yeh jagha itni buri nahi haey! YahaN key log itnay buray nahiN haeN.

            Gadha: Here's a :flower: for you, too. Row mat.... behter din aaeN gaey!!!


              have you realized your tune is making others worried? :-\

              kiya baat hai? is she alright? talk in normal tune please, don't make it worse.

              insha'Allah everything will be fine hanie baji, our prayers are with you. *hugs*
              keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come


                let me go and have a look

                everything seems ok

                ok seriously, she's just a bit busy. had to do some stuff for study...arrange things etc etc.
                she does drop by here sometimes but doesn't post that often :~)
                Why so serious ... ?


                  Good Luck Hanie :biggthumb


                    take care hanie aur jab bhee time milay aana zaroor but concentrate on ur studies and other work first we miss u but hum log idhar hi hayn aur GS bhee so take ur time


                      Well, Nes, looks like you're right. I just got a jhaTka keh kia hora hai? Kia faltu ki baat nikaali hai!!! DaaNt!

                      To masla yeh hai, logoN, keh hanie aaj kal .......... well, read Nes's post. Aur yeh arrange waali baat kuch samajh meN nahi aai. Khair aakeh baatey gi keh agar kuch batana hoga apni situation key baarey meN.

                      Mujhko maalum hai, hanie, keh tumhari chaTi his tumheN bata rahi hogi keh meN nay kia likha hai. But I thgouth keh tum kisi wajha say ghaaeb hogaeN thiN. Sorry for the cofusion.

                      Yeh to acchi baat hei keh tum kahiN nahiN gaeN. :bhangra:


                        what a confusion,
                        I havent gone anywhere, still alive marri nahie...
                        Just dont have enough time to drop by..
                        Jab time hoota haye, I come read something, and then I have to shove up again.

                        been busy with studies,
                        shaam ko ghar aati hoon, bistar oor khaana mil Jae barri baat hooti haye.

                        not dead yet!


                          Yeah, I know, life after shadi is just not the same.
                          I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
                          - Robert McCloskey