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For those who oppose the Iraq war

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    For those who oppose the Iraq war

    Just wanted to make sure what the majority of people who oppose war with Iraq want instead. They want war with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, since these two countries are said to have much stronger connections with terrorists.

    I just thought it important enough that people understand this, before they blindly jump into the anti-war bandwagon.



      How do you conclude if no war with Iraq means yes war with Paksitan and Saudi Arabia? Very wrong and mischievous idea.

      USA wants to go to war with Iraq and that is very wrong because when USA bombs and bombs, innocent defenseless people die! whether this is Iraq or Pakistan it is still bad. I agree Iraq Pakistan Saudi Arabi all have done bad things - but if we also do same thing and bomb them, then what is the difference between them and us? The policeman should be more moral ethical and legal than the criminals he is catching, no!

      Also with trouble in venizuala, Iraq and Saudi Arabi price of petrol is very high right now. It will become even more and world economy will get recession and that is not good.

      So stop saying war with anyone. No war allowed.


        I'm telling you exactly what will happen. You can choose to ignore the reality.

        Even the current anti-war leftists in America was a war with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia instead, as they feel these were responsible for 9/11.

        That is what I'm hearing. It doesn't matter what you want. It only matters what the majority of people in America want.

        Bush has to go to war with someone, otherwise his ratings will fall. If not Iraq then Pakistan. After 9/11, America has to show its military might to the Muslims, to show them whose boss. This is the world we live in after mad Osama changed the equation.


          War with Iraq is likely to destabilize the whole world. It will give birth to 50 new Osamas and more terrorist strikes in the US. Who will the US go after then? What will it do? How many countries can it attack?

          And in addition, the global economy will suffer. Unemployed masses will get more violent. Who will deal with them?

          What if Israel is provoked and nukes Iraq? After that, what if fundos demand that Pakistan throw the US out of the country? What if the fundos stage a coup and take control of the country? What if they start a war with India? Is any of this good for Pakistan?

          These are rhetorical questions of course....

          I am not blind to Iraq's mischief, but I also fear the consequences of attacking it right now. These are grave consequences that Bush should be thinking about.


            Imdad sahab.......

            Truthfully answer me one question ...
            If u lived in IRAQ and one day mistakingly a daisy cutter bomb falls on ur house and ur whole family gets obiliarated times to come u see the coffins of ur children and loved ones ....Will u accept that Blair and Bush wanted to get rid of saddam ur president thats why ur family was wiped out of the world ....Will u accept that ...if yes , I rest my case
            I hate you.


              Poodenay_Ki_Chutney bhai, I'm not disputing your logic, but the same can happen anywhere, including Pakistan. Bush has to go to war with someone. Pakistan, becuase of our past and current alliances is a likely target.

              That's all I'm saying.


                Originally posted by Imdad Ali:
                Bush has to go to war with someone.

                man, Imdad Ali this post of yours takes the cake. If this isn't the time for Amreekans to evaluate the policies of their representatives then I don't what is.


                  everyone thinks America is all mighty and that is far from truth. We are the most powerfull nation militarily - yes, but that does not necessarily mean we can afford the price of even a war that we win quickly. the price is not just the money - but it is even more importantly two other things: 1) several decades at a minimum, of overt and covert enmity that muslims nations may show - I say 'may'because I don't believe fully that muslim nations will show enmity unless some real islamic extremist comes to power in a country - just the enmity of fundamentalists; 2) and this is more imporatnt than even the enmity of the islamic extremists - the deepening of rifts with dozens of important allies.

                  In every which way you see, Bush's policy - stance - is just dumb and not thought out at all. He is just falling victim to his rhetoric. He is using "American Way" and "Freedom" just like Hitler used "Purity". It is diffcult argue against these words but Bush has to realize his very acts are killing these noble concepts!

                  If as you say, akistan and Saudi Arabia caused the WTC in any way, then there are other ways of punishing - not bombing the country!


                    Originally posted by Xenophanes:
                    If as you say, akistan and Saudi Arabia caused the WTC in any way, then there are other ways of punishing - not bombing the country!
                    Well, Americans and their govnt does not think this way.

                    America is powerful enough to create trouble for many countries. That is my point. Beggars can't be choosers. Muslims are in the position of beggars right now. We will only dig the hole even deeper if we use emotion for our actions. Right now being practical is the only thing we can do.

                    I know what I say will fall on deaf years in the Muslim world, but I still thought I'd say it anyway. Here's for hoping.


                      sorry to say, but a baseless comment....
                      Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


                        even if no war with Iraq means war with Pakistan; why should we support the US in the war to save our own country; yes; we all love our country; BUT we're muslims first; why not be united and fight against US whether its war against Iraq or Pakistan!
                        Junoon se Aur Ishq se Milti hai Aazaadi



                          you love making mischief and spreading crazy ideas dontcha SMCS mein bhee yahi harkatein hon gee tabhee toh wahan se danda mila sudhar jaayein imdad bhai


                            I think people are confused as to the real reasons for a war. Let's look at some of those being put forward.

                            He's a nasty dictator who keeps his people subjugated.

                            Well it wasn't a problem when he was gassing Kurds and Iranians and was on our side so what's changed?

                            his weapons of mass destruction pose a threat to the world

                            The general consensus is that Iraq is far weaker than 10 years ago - and only a suicidal idiot would risk being bombed to buggery by launching a few scuds here or there.

                            Any more plausible reasons?


                              Originally posted by irem:

                              you love making mischief and spreading crazy ideas dontcha SMCS mein bhee yahi harkatein hon gee tabhee toh wahan se danda mila sudhar jaayein imdad bhai
                              Haha, maybe. If I had stayed longer in Pakistan, they might have even kicked me out of Pakistan!

                              Xtreme janab, I'll tell you the reason. Bush's popularity ratings and oil. Why do you think France, Germany and Russia are against the war? They already have oil contracts with Iraq. America doesn't and wants to get into the action by sidelining the other countries.