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    Dont we all hate them? This week I am going to be taking 2 of my end of second year exams at University. Who else has exams now or have done so? Does anyone else around here to Computer Science? I might even find someone whos on my course!

    If you've had exams recently hope you did well. If you are revising for them, I wish you good luck.

    My advice (It may seem obvious but its easy to forget the obvious - like in exams!) is that you keep a list of the topics you need to revise. Don't try and do too many in one session - it doesn't usually work. Make sure you are enjoying yourself too and don't feel guilty for not revising when all your friends have. They are not you. If you've done the work throughout the year you should have no problems.

    Good Luck!

    Hi Yazoo

    Me just finished my semester exams.....
    and as u told, i'm hoping that i have done well.

    The main problem with end-semester exams is that u get distracted very easily by thoughts on what u plan to do for the summer hols. I could hardly wait to run out of the exam hall on the day of my last exam.

    Anyway, it's hols now for me, and i'm thoroughly enjoying it. Bad luck for u to have exams coinciding with world cup dates, hope they get over for u before the semis atleast.

    Sorry, but i'm not in Comp.Sc,I'm in electrical engg, but i did do a course on Comp.Organization last semester.

    best wishes from me for Ur exams and the hols too
    Simple ain't easy.


      Hi Q. Thanks for the reply.

      I know what you mean. I have lots of plans for my time off before I start my industrial placement year at Xerox. I have about 2 months before I start.

      I know I have been working on those plans during my revision leave. I suppose its a way to keep me ticking.
      Have a nice holiday and enjoy the World Cup.